Wednesday, 26 January 2011

House of flies: The strawberry fever.

I have a somewhat big (healthy) obsession with taking pictures of food, sounds pretty awful I know, but over the years the obsession has got bigger (food diary has expanded enormously!) and better, better because it has pushed me to start 'wearing' food aswell as taking pictures of them too. I popped into Accessorize (again) not so long ago and being the statement I am I decided to buy a pendant that was quirky and could satisfy my strange obsession with taking pictures of food on the same level. Accessorize have released a palace full of pretty pendants and whilst browsing through piles of some very awesome ones, I finally settled for this cute little strawberry pendant which looked good enough to dip in a chocolate fountain and eat.
Red strawberry pendant (RRP £5.00).

Firstly, I love how food seems to be taking over the jewellery world at the moment, especially with celebs endorsing more and more vintage inspired, Kitsch and fruity food related jewellery, jewellery of this kind now looks much more mainstream, contemporary, statement-ish, wearable and trendy and is no longer subjected to its stereotypical gestures.

This particular necklace is so unusually eye-catching that wearing it on its own is enough to make a full on statement. However, teaming it with other necklaces/pendants both long or short will still give it its own individual space and charm on your neck. If worn alone, I'll suggest accompany it with only one large jewellery item (for instance, a big bangle or large chandelier earrings) and keep other accessories minimal especially if you want your strawberry pendant to do the talking. Overall this strawberry pendant looks yummy enough to make a perfect dessert.

These are the matching red strawberry earrings that go with the strawberry pendant. Hmmm, might have to grab these next!
Red strawberry short drop earrings (RRP £6.00).

Other food-related jewellery by Accessorize:
Cute enamel cupcake pendant necklace (RRP £5.00).
Cute enamel cupcake stud earrings (RRP £5.00).
Novelty pink strawberry short drop earrings (RRP £4.00).
An apple a day red plastic ring (RRP £5.00).

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