Sunday, 16 January 2011

Illamasqua: My night creature has lies written all over it.

Lately I have done many posts showing my love and appreciation for jewellery I either own or would like to own. So when I received my Illamasqua order the other day I knew that it was just as worth blogging about too. I like shimmery cheeks and have been yearning for a product like this.
Illamasqua cream blusher in Lies (RRP £16.00).

Firstly, I was really impressed with the packaging, Illamasqua took great care with the proper shipment of the product and also added a product guide with the cream blusher. I no longer felt upset by the extra little bit I had to pay for p&p!

Lies is a pearlescent cool pink which leaves a dewy finish. Great for highlighting your cheekbones, brow bones and for shaping your face. The cream blusher is buildable and can be easily blended using your fingers or a brush to create the desired colour intensity. Can be used over foundation for impact or beneath for a captivating glow.

I love Illamasqua products as they are perfect for using when I'm in need of satisfying my dark side i.e. my alter ego (yes, I'm into very much all things vampires, dark, gloomy and underground; I'm a metalhead, what did you expect! :P). I am hoping to buy more from them in the future.

Any products by Illamasqua which you could recommend to me?


franki said...

Wow, this looks like such a pretty colour! I really like Illamasqua, but it's just that bit beyond my price range at the moment. They do some amazing products though and I love all the images they use to promote their products. The images from the Art of Darkness collection were stunning!

Anonymous said...

Ditto! I'm a big Illamasqua fan but also find that their products come at a price. I managed to grab this on sale and am totally in love with both the product and the packaging. I had the blusher on the other day and had so many people ask what was on my cheeks! x

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