Wednesday, 12 January 2011

House of flies: Miaow!

I was so excited this morning as the postman handed over an envelope which had Tatty Devine etched all over it. I have been anxiously awaiting this particular parcel as it carries my acrylic pink cat ring. As soon as I opened it I was over the moon with my purchase. I cannot wait to prettify my paws with this pussycat ring. A cute silhouette with ears and whiskers to give any girl cat power!
The ring comes in three different sizes and is classed as one of the Best Of Tatty Devine! I bought size small as I have tiny fingers, see measurements below for the diameter of the inner hole for the different sizes.

Diameter of hole:
Small - 16mm
Medium - 17mm
Large - 18mm


nicoletta said...

How cute. I'm following you back. Thanks for your question on my blog. I wanted to email you but i can't see your email address on your blog. I just wanted to share my post about the z palette
There is a link on there where you can buy them like you asked.
Congrats on the new blog xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks hun, I've just recently made my blog public :) Ah, I didnt notice that all, thanks for bringing that to my attention, I better stick my email add onto the blog very soon! Just saw your other blog post about the Z palettes, I'll def be purchasing the leopard print Z palette very soon. Thanks for sharing & following xxx

Madison's Assortment said...

Wow that's so different, I have a tatty devine necklace that I adore!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I love Tatty Devine jewellery, really want to get the pewter mirrored pegasus earrings :) x

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