Tuesday, 8 February 2011

House of flies: Friendship bracelets.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend this year then take a look at these Chakra friendship bracelets by Daisy Jewellery which seem to have taken over the celebrity world by storm and definitely do not fail to impress. With the choice of six vibrant colours, each symbolising different flows of spiritual energy, the Chakra is a winner throughout. So whether you pick the theme love, life, health or happiness, I'm sure there is a Chakra for all. Each bracelet has a 24 carat gold plated Chakra charm and you can purchase one for a friend or as a treat to yourself from My-Wardrobe.com.
RRP £75.00

Colour and style:
Purple Brow Chakra
Green Heart Chakra
Red Base Chakra
Lilac Crown Chakra
Orange Sacral Chakra
Blue Throat Chakra

However, if you are on a budget, or don't plan on forking out 75 quid on a friendship bracelet or plan on buying multiple friendship bracelets, then these equally beautiful bracelets from The Inspire-RING Collection at Dolly Bow Bow (http://www.dollybowbow.co.uk/) might be more appealing. Again, these come in a collection of six bright colours and there is a choice of four different inspirational words that can adorn your wrist.
RRP £4.99

Hot Pink
Ice Pink
Ice Blue

Inspirational words:

Each bracelet comes in a standard length of 17cm.

No doubt I heart the Chakras completely, but the bracelets from The Inspire-RING Collection at Dolly Bow Bow are my personal faves, must invest in some of those soon!

By the way, there is a whole load of new stuff, mostly jewellery, books, clothes/shoes and other bits and bobs that I have bought recently and would totally love to do blogposts on, but alas Uni work has caught up with me and I've been spending literally all my hours in the microbiology lab streaking/growing bacteria! Once that is over I promise to showcase some brilliant stuff that I've managed to dig in the last two months. Oh, and I had a nosebleed today, it was scary and now I am bigtime para :'(

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