Sunday, 27 February 2011

House of flies: In times we need a bit of luck.

......I throw on the leather 'four leaf clover' lucky charm bracelet:

A pale green leather leather lucky charm 6" bracelet adorned with a four leaf clover charm.

The green colour means: Nature, health, good luck, youth, generosity and fertility.

A very simple statement bracelet which dazzles radiantly when worn either alone or with other heavy duty bracelets/bangles and does not fall short in adding character to your wrist. Will also make a great friendship bracelet.

This will probably be another good alternative to the Chakra bracelets which I blogged about here:

A super quick post as I'm busy putting a powerpoint presentation together on 'the contribution of parametric genetics has made in furthering our understanding of the molecular pathology of DFN89, a nonsyndromic (never knew that was actually a word) form of human deafness', for my seminar in two weeks time :'( I need alot of luck at the moment (I hate oral presentations and hate them 10 times more when they are to be done solo!) hence this post! ;)

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