Wednesday, 23 February 2011

House of flies: The rainbow, the moonstone and me.

These earrings are a couple of months old and I've finally just got round to doing a blogpost on them as they got lost and forgotten about inside my darkened bedside drawer. I re-discovered them last night and have been wearing them since. A rainbow moonstone suspended in a 925 sterling silver exterior with a detailed embossed design. I like semi-precious stones, so these were just the style of earrings I had been looking for. I have to say they were a great eBay find! I stumbled across a very friendly and equally helpful eBay seller who provided a A* service. Not only did she not charge me the extra p&p for the black haematite band ring which I also bought from her but dispatched the item so quickly that I received them a day after the day I purchased them from her eBay shop.
By the way, sterling silver is a much hard-wearing form of silver and it will keep your jewellery for years without breaking the bank!

Update 1: Also, I like taking pictures of food and I have finally got a blog dedicated to fooooood! Check it out here: (I should be a food critic).

Update 2: I am trying to drink healthy...... this healthy enough?!

Another update (hopefully the last one): I think it is ironically fascinating how my hand cream is called 'hand food' :)

Ok, back to the chamber now.

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