Saturday, 5 March 2011

House of flies: Top 5 designers ft. Vivienne Westwood.

In my last blogpost I liked the fact that all I blogged about had absolutely nothing to do with jewellery (fail) and straight after which I involuntary decided to do the disappearing act (oops).

Today I thought I'll do a quick post sharing with you one of my Top 5 designers: Vivienne Westwood (I will probably do an individual post on each of my Top 5 designers in the coming weeks). VW is known primarily for bringing both punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream. One thing I have to admit to though is that as much as I love eyeing out and wanting alot of the jewellery, shoes, handbags/purses, collections etc on the official website and also as alot of people who know me really well know how much of a personal fave VW is of mine, sadly I only own one VW item which are a pair of earrings from her classic collection I managed to grab sometime last year.

Mini bas relief silver pierced earrings.

Featuring the signature orb and satellite ring elements, both which can be seen in almost all of VW's pieces, these earrings symbolise the meaning and essence behind VW's work. The logo is supposed to represent 'taking tradition (the orb) into the future (satellite ring); that is probably the reason why I like VW so much in the first place. Part of VW's classic collection, the earrings are encrusted with Swarovski Crystals in an imitation rhodium setting.

I don't tend to wear these earrings alot, actually, having said that I think I've only worn them once ever since I first bought them (which was last year!). But whilst writing this not-so-lengthy blogpost I feel like a muppet to have something so rarely precious in my jewellery collection and to have not worn them as much as I know I would love to, so this may just be the thing that will push me to start wearing them more regularly and stop subjecting them to sit safely inside the VW jewellery pouch to be admired by me every now and again.

In response to my confession above, I am desperately wanting to expand on my ultra tiny VW collection, not just speaking jewellery but handbags/purses and shoes too.

My VW wishlist:
Skull ring silver.

Chancery purse 1032 pink/gold.

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