Thursday, 3 March 2011

Random blab, rant and shenanigans.

I've kinda refound my blogging spirit after not having properly blogged for a long time and this morning I woke up with two different inklings (hell, I hope I spelt that right). The first one and ofcourse the obvious one was to blab some more and blog. The second, the not so obvious one was to kick myself really hard and I actually mean REEEALLY hard! (N.B. I do not self-harm). I had a slight pain sensation this morning running down the right hand side of my body again, just under my arm and above where my stomach is, and although at that point the pain was bearable, I was still preparing myself for the worse (i.e. another torturous day like Monday). Oh and incase you didn't know I slightly suffer from a very embarrassing I-dont-know-what-to-call-it thing where whenever I drink diet coke/fizzy drink or eat baked beans (especially in Xs) I start getting pain in my right hand side and feel really bloated. Now, any sane person would try their utmost to stay clear from either of those things, but nah not me, not the Mim lol, instead I spent the whole of February binging on diet coke and as many fizzy drinks as possible! Oops. So, in a way it serves me right for being so careless. After Monday, my new month's (March onwards) resolution or as Cheerio put it - belated New Year's resolution is: No more diet coke/fizzy drinks. Its Thursday, so I've been diet coke free for two days now and despite the slight pain this morning I have to say I feel better already. Apart from my embarrassing I-dont-know-what-to-call-it thing, I seem to have become the most talked about crazy shopper at my local sorting office and my postman thinks I'm weird and an online shopping addict! Eeeeeek! Well, atleast people like me keep his job going :) Talking of online shopping, I have also come to the realisation that you cannot do makeup without using good brushes so yesterday I picked up a MAC 217 Blending Brush from Debenhams. The 217 was reduced from its RRP of £15.00 to £13.50, now it was a bit of a guilty, luxury buy I have to admit, but MAC brushes are supposed to be an investment and if looked after properly and cleaned regularly they can last you a lifetime (not so guilty after all)!

BUT it would be awesome if anyone could recommend me any cheaper high quality brushes as I cannot afford another MAC one anytime soon as I've spent all my extra cash on the following:

MAC pro palette e/s in Naked Lunch.

MAC blush powder in Well Dressed (satin).

MAC lipstick in Sandy B (light shell frost pink).

MAC pro palette x 4

(Another big oops).

Last night my phone, the Desire HD was taking the absolute mickey, I was getting text messages upto thirty minutes late! Lately, the phone line has been acting up alot too and yesterday I finally decided to have a mini rant over twitter and facebook. I can be a bit weird like that sometimes.

"My Desire HD has been a right asshole today, ok, rant over......bed".
"Ok, sorry, that wasn't enough, the Desire HDs been a BITCH! Now I feel better, goodnight :)".

I have been writing and writing and rambling without realising that I might have began to sound like a bit of a nut at some point and now my belly is telling me its lunchtime, but I need to add just one last thing before shooting off, and that is that I have always found myself having the most weirdest attraction to male fragrances (yes, its true), I find that 95% of the time they smell tonnes better than the female ones (yes, that is also true). I always tend to hit the male fragrance counters before the female ones whenever I'm at a department store (and yes, that is also very true).

I have now had the pleasure of smelling both the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male and Jean Paul Classique La Femme sprays.

The Le Male is 100 times betterrr! The smell, the packaging, the full works! WHY??!

Anyways, I might have to steal you-know-who-you-are's bottle ahaha!

P.S. This week I have been listening to this :)


Vanessa said...

Great MAC it! Great blog too...following! :)

Mim said...

Thanks very much! I'm on a mission filling up that palette now ;)

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