Friday, 30 December 2011

Month in photos: December (2011).

My December (2011) in photos......

  • 1) Fish & chips and a massive pickled onion all to myself.
  • 2) Pocky (strawberry flavour) and Big Red cinnamon flavoured chewing gum. Parted from some considerable dough in CyberCandy, I bloody love that shop, plus its always good to stock up on your favourite sweets, though I wish these were found more effortlessly in the UK :(
  • 3) Vogue and Victoria sponge cake...... bliss :)
  • 4) This picture makes me happy...... stationery junkie.
  • 5) Won Miss Lucy Loves giveaway, a brilliant giveaway on a brilliant blog, wearing Little Miss Splendid as I type!
  • 6) Unintentionally used Febreze mist & refresh as a body spray. It smells SO GOOD.
  • 7) More stationery and art supplies.
  • 8) I love getting post because books and being a bookworm make me happy :)
  • 9) Love being a fatty and eating KFC on a Sunday night.
  • 10) Magazine fix (Look and Grazia weekly magazines).
  • 11) Oh gosh, I stumbled upon this picture at the beginning of December and I have to say it is the epitome of nail art perfection. I want exactly this done on my nails (source: Emily's Nail Files).

What an eventful month and what a wonderful end to an awesome 2011. Aswell as all the above which pretty much sum up my month, I have also absolutely loved slouching on the sofa in my pajamas, watching copious volumes of telly, eating lots and lots of junk, drinking iced coffee and LARGE glasses of Shloer red grape sparkling drink all December! Thats bad considering 'I have to watch what I eat' is one of my New Year's resolutions, ouch.

P.S. The TV Choice has helped me sooo much the last while, been sucha life saver. Also, the amount of TV I have to catch up on online players later, the number is absurd :P

I was so chuffed that I had finished all of my Xmas shopping way before the 25th (good!), but I spent about half of December being ill (bad!). The following are photos showing some of my outdoor Christmas highlights.

Come Boxing day, I 'sale shopped' on my phone because I rather browsed online then bothered going to the shops, as I probably would not have found what I'm looking for and find nothing in my size either! By the way, just me or does anybody else also find 'buy one get one free' more tempting than 'two for the price of one'? I loved the Kurt Geiger, Dune and Karen Millen sale, but I did not spend, only drooled. Ted Baker have a 50% off sale and I picked up some awesome bargains, though I managed to not go overly crazy despite how much I love Ted Baker. By the end of December, coming towards New Year, I had a massive Westfield shopping adventure! Bought my first ever item from Lush too, the Soft Coeur massage bar :) the smell... OMG the smell... delicious.

This month I also discovered that I am addicted to Colman's tartare sauce and cannot stop eating pickle!!! Really need to stop eating like a horse.

Finally, being the festive season, the only music that I have heard in the last while has been Christmas/Festive songs, need to now find my way back to Metal.

Hope everybody had a lovely December, Christmas and New Year, have an uhmazing 2012 too xo

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xXxStundonxXx said...

Love this post, Emily's tiger nails are amazing aren't they! She is ridiculously talented!
I now really, really want KFC after seeing that pic!
Buy one get one free does tempt me a lot more, I think its the word 'free' that does it for me!
Looks like you've had a great month x

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