Tuesday, 29 March 2011

House of flies: Tea party with Ollie & Nic.

So, amidst all the writing I have been doing in the last couple of days for my final year project, I have finally managed to spare a couple of minutes and make time to write a new blogpost. I am at the tailend of my dissertation which feels wonderful as it has literally been the dissertation from hell, just kidding, to be honest with you it has not been monstrous, what is has been however is pure longageness. But fingers crossed I should be able to finish it in full, abstract, references, coversheet and all by Monday the latest. Speaking of Uni work and my third year project, my final year at Uni is just about to draw to a close and it is unbelievable how quickly it has zoomed past. Without doubt I won't be missing the long demanding lectures (and some of the freak lecturers and the overly warm/cold lecture theatres plus the I-mean-business labs), the intense no-sleep-allowed revision, the killer exams, the chock-full timetables, the all nighters (not a problem all the time for a night creature), the infamous lengthy essays, not forgetting the dreaded vivas and just the extreme non-stop hardwork ontop of the hours of endless worrying, but I have to say I will most definitely MISS Uni BIGTIME! I miss my first year, my second year and my third year too, aswell as the nostalgic 808 First Capital Connect train journeys :'(

Ok, time to talk about my favourite topic on this blog: JEWELLERY. I recently dug out a necklace made by Ollie & Nic that I bought sometime at the end of last year before my trip to Bath. From time to time I fall in love with Kitsch and vintage inspired jewellery with a passion so this necklace was right up my street!

Ceylon Teacup necklace with a 44cm gold plated chain.

A cute mini teacup charm on a short necklace chain. I have seen many teacup/saucer necklaces all over the web, but what is attractive about this one in particular is the pale pink background and the meticulous floral pattern decorating the teacup. The necklace came beautifully packaged inside a Ollie & Nic drawstring pouch. Visit Ollie & Nic's official website for more exquisite jewellery and other goodies with the added bonus of a pleasant customer service.

I had a shopping list from the last two years which was building up considerably. So, I went for a MAHOOSIVE shop before continuing with my saving mission again (ledge!).

To finish, this is my song of the month for the month of March:

Thursday, 17 March 2011

House of flies: I love brass by Mirabelle.

This is a sneaky short blogpost which was definitely not part of my To Do List for today (I love making lists), but as I have abandoned the jewellery blogging world for what seems like an eternity I thought that I must do a short one before being lost once again in the chamber finishing up the Introduction for the write up of my final year project :( Thats my life at the moment, Uni, Uni work, food, music, sleep, Uni, Uni work, food, music, sleep......

Anyways, like I said this is gona be a short one therefore NO blabbing allowed!

I love antique looking brass jewellery as I find that brass can look quite contemporary without compromising on its vintage feel, so the last time I was shopping on ASOS for some jewellery, predominately for brass or brass plated earrings, which was ages ago, I came across these antique look disk fish hook earrings by Mirabelle.

I like these, like these alot actually but essentially for two reasons. The first one being the fact that they are made out of 100% brass and the second that although at first peek they probably look very plain and simple, its only on closer acquaintance that you get to appreciate the detailed texture on the brass circular disks and go on to comprehending how understated they really are. With summer knocking on the door, I think these are perfect for any woman's summer wardrobe. Wear them to the beach, a barbecue, during the day or in the evening, there is no
hit and miss with these brass favourites.

P.S. (Thrown in for good measure) this week I have been listening to this! On repeat!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

House of flies: Top 5 designers ft. Vivienne Westwood.

In my last blogpost I liked the fact that all I blogged about had absolutely nothing to do with jewellery (fail) and straight after which I involuntary decided to do the disappearing act (oops).

Today I thought I'll do a quick post sharing with you one of my Top 5 designers: Vivienne Westwood (I will probably do an individual post on each of my Top 5 designers in the coming weeks). VW is known primarily for bringing both punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream. One thing I have to admit to though is that as much as I love eyeing out and wanting alot of the jewellery, shoes, handbags/purses, collections etc on the official website and also as alot of people who know me really well know how much of a personal fave VW is of mine, sadly I only own one VW item which are a pair of earrings from her classic collection I managed to grab sometime last year.

Mini bas relief silver pierced earrings.

Featuring the signature orb and satellite ring elements, both which can be seen in almost all of VW's pieces, these earrings symbolise the meaning and essence behind VW's work. The logo is supposed to represent 'taking tradition (the orb) into the future (satellite ring); that is probably the reason why I like VW so much in the first place. Part of VW's classic collection, the earrings are encrusted with Swarovski Crystals in an imitation rhodium setting.

I don't tend to wear these earrings alot, actually, having said that I think I've only worn them once ever since I first bought them (which was last year!). But whilst writing this not-so-lengthy blogpost I feel like a muppet to have something so rarely precious in my jewellery collection and to have not worn them as much as I know I would love to, so this may just be the thing that will push me to start wearing them more regularly and stop subjecting them to sit safely inside the VW jewellery pouch to be admired by me every now and again.

In response to my confession above, I am desperately wanting to expand on my ultra tiny VW collection, not just speaking jewellery but handbags/purses and shoes too.

My VW wishlist:
Skull ring silver.

Chancery purse 1032 pink/gold.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Random blab, rant and shenanigans.

I've kinda refound my blogging spirit after not having properly blogged for a long time and this morning I woke up with two different inklings (hell, I hope I spelt that right). The first one and ofcourse the obvious one was to blab some more and blog. The second, the not so obvious one was to kick myself really hard and I actually mean REEEALLY hard! (N.B. I do not self-harm). I had a slight pain sensation this morning running down the right hand side of my body again, just under my arm and above where my stomach is, and although at that point the pain was bearable, I was still preparing myself for the worse (i.e. another torturous day like Monday). Oh and incase you didn't know I slightly suffer from a very embarrassing I-dont-know-what-to-call-it thing where whenever I drink diet coke/fizzy drink or eat baked beans (especially in Xs) I start getting pain in my right hand side and feel really bloated. Now, any sane person would try their utmost to stay clear from either of those things, but nah not me, not the Mim lol, instead I spent the whole of February binging on diet coke and as many fizzy drinks as possible! Oops. So, in a way it serves me right for being so careless. After Monday, my new month's (March onwards) resolution or as Cheerio put it - belated New Year's resolution is: No more diet coke/fizzy drinks. Its Thursday, so I've been diet coke free for two days now and despite the slight pain this morning I have to say I feel better already. Apart from my embarrassing I-dont-know-what-to-call-it thing, I seem to have become the most talked about crazy shopper at my local sorting office and my postman thinks I'm weird and an online shopping addict! Eeeeeek! Well, atleast people like me keep his job going :) Talking of online shopping, I have also come to the realisation that you cannot do makeup without using good brushes so yesterday I picked up a MAC 217 Blending Brush from Debenhams. The 217 was reduced from its RRP of £15.00 to £13.50, now it was a bit of a guilty, luxury buy I have to admit, but MAC brushes are supposed to be an investment and if looked after properly and cleaned regularly they can last you a lifetime (not so guilty after all)!

BUT it would be awesome if anyone could recommend me any cheaper high quality brushes as I cannot afford another MAC one anytime soon as I've spent all my extra cash on the following:

MAC pro palette e/s in Naked Lunch.

MAC blush powder in Well Dressed (satin).

MAC lipstick in Sandy B (light shell frost pink).

MAC pro palette x 4

(Another big oops).

Last night my phone, the Desire HD was taking the absolute mickey, I was getting text messages upto thirty minutes late! Lately, the phone line has been acting up alot too and yesterday I finally decided to have a mini rant over twitter and facebook. I can be a bit weird like that sometimes.

"My Desire HD has been a right asshole today, ok, rant over......bed".
"Ok, sorry, that wasn't enough, the Desire HDs been a BITCH! Now I feel better, goodnight :)".

I have been writing and writing and rambling without realising that I might have began to sound like a bit of a nut at some point and now my belly is telling me its lunchtime, but I need to add just one last thing before shooting off, and that is that I have always found myself having the most weirdest attraction to male fragrances (yes, its true), I find that 95% of the time they smell tonnes better than the female ones (yes, that is also true). I always tend to hit the male fragrance counters before the female ones whenever I'm at a department store (and yes, that is also very true).

I have now had the pleasure of smelling both the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male and Jean Paul Classique La Femme sprays.

The Le Male is 100 times betterrr! The smell, the packaging, the full works! WHY??!

Anyways, I might have to steal you-know-who-you-are's bottle ahaha!

P.S. This week I have been listening to this :)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

House of flies: Gold tone bow sparkling crystal stud earrings.

Dammit, I have abandoned my blog for a tad too long now and I have to say I have actually missed writing about jewellery, some of my old and latest finds aswell as about my own jewellery straight from my jewellery box. As promised on twitter, I will be doing a long blogpost on some of my animal jewellery very soon as I'm bored of being forced to stick to doing short 5 minute blogposts lately thanks to a whole pile of Uni work. Aswell as gathering and organising some of my jewellery and snapping new content for the blog, I am also thinking of starting a new feature for MITW. I don't know what it will be on, who it will be for and what the name will be either, just an idea at the moment really.

Incase you haven't still spotted it, check out the sister blogspot here: http://ishouldbeafoodcritic.blogspot.com/

Alright, back to basics now. Today I've decided to pick something out of my own jewellery box again as don't want to make this blogpost overly long as it already has become a little lengthy all down to my earlier blabbing above. Oops.
I had to snap these gold tone bow sparkling crystal stud earrings instantly when a close friend of mine walked into the lecture room on a Monday morning at Uni wearing these vastly sparkling chic bow stud earrings. Despite the fact that these bow stud earrings have a strong subtle streak, I haven't worn them to Uni yet, although I can be quite daring with what I wear, be it clothes, shoes or jewellery, I think they'll look better on during the evening than in the day as they catch the light very well giving off an almost three dimensional shimmer. All in all I was very happy with my buy (thanks to some stuff I managed to sell on eBay!) and am waiting on the perfect opportunity to wear them. I like bows, and these are bows!!!!!!

By the way, my new month's (March onwards) resolution is: No more diet coke/fizzy drinks (big cutback).
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