Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pastels/Valentine's inspired nails and other.

Without flash.

With flash.

After feeling very uninspired with my nails yesterday, I elected to keep them very simple and chic by painting them with two generous coats of Avon luxe lavender nail polish leaving out the ring finger. I remember watching Samantha Schuerman's (one of my top youtubers!) dots and hearts nail tutorial two days back and decided to copy her accent nail considering she painted the rest of her nails with Orly's lollipop nail polish which coincidently was a Siamese of luxe lavender by Avon. I used Barry M's strawberry ice cream nail polish (which is gorg, don't show it enough love) all over the ring finger as I don't have Essie's Van D'Go in my stash and created the heart using my dotting tool and a tippex-like cheap white polish. To me, this is a cross between the pastels trend and the Valentine's theme which is still very much in attendance. This has kind of given me an idea for my own nails for Valentine's Day in an uncanny way. I know Valentine's Day is over but me and the bf have still not celebrated, yes, I spent Valentine's alone :'( seeing him next week though! :) Overall, I really like this simple design and I will adopt it more often on my lazy sofa-date days ;)

Also, I would like to say a BIG thank you to Kirsty over at Starry Eyed Blogs for giving me a mention in her 'Blogging Heaven: Follow Friday 001' blogpost! Seriously, I am very very very honoured. My blog is my own personal lifestyle scrapbook on the interweb and considering it used to be set to private ages ago and even after making it public I had disabled the GFC function for a long while, I have met some really lovely people, like Kirsty, through it. I am grateful to all those that do follow/leave comments/talk to me on Twitter etc, a big cheers to all of you xxxxxx

Please follow Kirsty if you don't already, she is ace :)

Talking of Valentine's Day, I have found my perfect plumping lip gloss for the day!

Fashionista plumping lip glaze in Hollywood...... a bright pink! But moreover I like the way this product makes my lips feel.

I haven't checked out the Fashionista cosmetic line fully since it erupted in my local Superdrug. Any suggestions/advice on what I should/should not spend my cash on?

Earlier, Elle UK tweeted this picture showcasing the new Dominic Jones spike rings, I was helpless and had to retweet!


Hope everybody is having an awesome weekend.

Mim xo


xXxStundonxXx said...

Your nails look amazing!
I'm so glad that you didn't keep your blog as private x

Mim said...

Thank you sweets, your comment means alot to me x

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