Saturday, 4 February 2012

Reminiscing the good and not-so-boring times ♥

Homemade salmon fishcakes, herbed fries, mixed leaves, house tartare, tomato ketchup and a slice of lemon.

Homemade salmon fishcakes, herbed fries, mixed leaves, house tartare, tomato ketchup and a slice of lemon.

Garlic bread.

So I'm stuck indoors, all day, all bloody weekend actually, filling in more long ass job applications :'( story of my present life. And other than the footy result earlier which cheered me up and made me do a little victory dance around the home, (incase your not a football buff like moi, The Gunners destroyed the Rovers on home turf, 7-1 blinder! AHAHAHA), my day has been dull, boring, drowned in cups of tea and spent infront of the PC. So yeah, I began procrastinating (typical). First, by playing Temple Run on my iPod :D and then by scrolling through photos of the good times on my phone. Especially this one good time back in July of 2011.

These pictures where taken at a pub in the middle of nowhere which had seating outside situated near a lake. I love eating out but I also love it when you can find homemade mouth-watering food outside. Hence why I'm a big sucker for pub lunches...... homemade, comfort, soul food out in the wilderness, LOVELY.

Aside from my undying love for food, I'm a 60 part city and 40 part country girl, the sticks are basically my second home and although I might have a love/hate relationship with the wildlife, the gratifying, eye-pleasing, picturesque sceneries and just nature in general always takes my breath away. I'm a nature lover. Nature has always had a very special dwelling in my heart, as its spiritually uplifting, cleansing and healing for me. And I will go as far as my feet take me to visit and dig up more stunning locations.

I wore a gorgeous printed Georgette frill blouse dress that day if my memory serves me well, and I would have loved to have shown you photos of it, but I don't have any lol. Maybe next time :)

Months later we gave recreating the lunch we had at this particular pub a go. What do you guys think?

(I could honestly kill this right now).

Anyways, back to concentrating on getting this job application completed before 11.59pm! Job app, more tea and halogen heater.

P.S. I'm kinda shocked that these pictures were taken that long ago, sheesh, where has time gone? :'(


xXxStundonxXx said...

Really want to go sit in a nice beer garden with some good grub now! Those chips look amazing! x

Mim said...

Those chips were b-e-a-utiful! I want pub lunch again right now :) x

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