Monday, 13 February 2012

Trends - Neons.

1) Rare Fashion zip back chiffon top in rust.
2) Me & Zena *love-o-meter* heart spinner necklace in silver.
3) Designer sexy women's denim skinny jeans in Malibu Blue.
8) Illamasqua collide nail polish.
9) Waldo Pancake A5 upside down notebook.
10) MAC lady danger l/s (matte).

Truthfully, I am not the biggest fan on the globe of the neon trend if we strictly speak of clothing, and despite that I have indulged (still do) in wearing neon clothing in the past, a very rare occasion obviously, I much rather inject a few elements of this trend into my personal everyday style via other methods. For me, fashion is nothing compared to style and style is comfort. Though, I have to say, I really like the Topshop short sleeve burn out tee in sugar pink. It is sooo up my street and is a brighter alternative to the Topshop pink tonal fleck tee that I featured in my Trends - Pastels blogpost here. A definite purchase :)

I indirectly, very briefly touched on this trend in my previous post aswell, (totally unintentionally, believe me) but now looking back at it, I must add that the Identity block colour watches that I blogged about fit faultlessly with this trend too; how convenient, cos as like all Identity watches, the block colour ones don't break the bank.

I am completely glued to the neon jewellery, accessories and makeup...... even stationery. As a stationery junkie and a lover of Waldo Pancake's creativity, eccentricity and wit, I love the A5 upside down notebook. That is me down to a tee! Also, the Me & Zena *love-o-meter* heart spinner necklace is a striking way of getting in tune with this trend. It has most of the colours you could think of and will look lovely when worn with the right top, a plain tee/blouse in my opinion. How cool is the orange fluro cracked leather satchel? Up close, you get to really appreciate the cracked leather finish. I also like the outfit that ASOS have styled the satchel with on their website, very well put together I have to admit.

If your looking for a red lipstick to wear with your neons, may I suggest lady danger by MAC? Ok, its not conventionally very 'neon' I know, but who cares lol, it has strong neon-like undertones which I adore. As for that Ted Baker Maybell printed matinee purse, that is not very neon either, but Mim likes a little bit of Ted Baker, especially when they have the bright red TB enamel hearts on the top. The bright champion pumps I do love and I will wear, wear very soon actually as they have already made it to checkout.

I would love to read your opinions about the neon trend and how you slot it into your daily fashion without looking OTT, I can do with some inspiration this year :)

P.S. I have started adding links to where you can buy the things that I talk about in the blogpost from, I hope it is more helpful that way incase you did see something you like and wish to buy.

Mim xo

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