Monday, 23 May 2011

Bath 2010 (Post-Crimbo, Pre-New Year).

Hey, hope your all well, I have been AWOL for ages now but gladly this morning I managed to find the mental energy, capability and motivation to write a new blogpost (go me). Well, to be honest with you, thats not totally true, I am cheating a little, I'm actually re-writing an old blogpost, so technically I'm not writing a new blogpost after all but oh well that still gives me some accidental credit I guess. Anyhow, lets get into this first, I had a post similar to this one that I put up not long after my visit to Bath at the end of last year (post-Crimbo, pre-New Year), but changing account email addresses resulted in all my pictures being lost :'( so I'll have to put it all right back up now, but hey ho not a problemo, as this small trip down memory lane will make it undoubtedly worthwhile.

Some pictures from my trip to Bath...... An Indian Restaurant, Thai Restaurant, English Breakfast, Cafe Rouge, Pizza, McDs, Dune, Accessorize and MAC! Seriously BIG WOW!!!!!! Can you sense my excitement?, I love love love Bath!

N.B. You are being warned, this post will be VERY picture heavy :)

Now, amongst alot of other things, a shopping trip was also obviously on the cards. Apart from spending a months worth of money on just food and eating out, one of the highlight icing-on-the-cake purchases of the weekend trip were these black platform suede ankle boots from DUNE......

......What a beaut, they have my name written all over them!

Oh, and did I mention MAC??

Brule e/s (satin).

For more pictures of food, see the two links below :)

Thai Balcony:

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