Friday, 30 December 2011

Month in photos: December (2011).

My December (2011) in photos......

  • 1) Fish & chips and a massive pickled onion all to myself.
  • 2) Pocky (strawberry flavour) and Big Red cinnamon flavoured chewing gum. Parted from some considerable dough in CyberCandy, I bloody love that shop, plus its always good to stock up on your favourite sweets, though I wish these were found more effortlessly in the UK :(
  • 3) Vogue and Victoria sponge cake...... bliss :)
  • 4) This picture makes me happy...... stationery junkie.
  • 5) Won Miss Lucy Loves giveaway, a brilliant giveaway on a brilliant blog, wearing Little Miss Splendid as I type!
  • 6) Unintentionally used Febreze mist & refresh as a body spray. It smells SO GOOD.
  • 7) More stationery and art supplies.
  • 8) I love getting post because books and being a bookworm make me happy :)
  • 9) Love being a fatty and eating KFC on a Sunday night.
  • 10) Magazine fix (Look and Grazia weekly magazines).
  • 11) Oh gosh, I stumbled upon this picture at the beginning of December and I have to say it is the epitome of nail art perfection. I want exactly this done on my nails (source: Emily's Nail Files).

What an eventful month and what a wonderful end to an awesome 2011. Aswell as all the above which pretty much sum up my month, I have also absolutely loved slouching on the sofa in my pajamas, watching copious volumes of telly, eating lots and lots of junk, drinking iced coffee and LARGE glasses of Shloer red grape sparkling drink all December! Thats bad considering 'I have to watch what I eat' is one of my New Year's resolutions, ouch.

P.S. The TV Choice has helped me sooo much the last while, been sucha life saver. Also, the amount of TV I have to catch up on online players later, the number is absurd :P

I was so chuffed that I had finished all of my Xmas shopping way before the 25th (good!), but I spent about half of December being ill (bad!). The following are photos showing some of my outdoor Christmas highlights.

Come Boxing day, I 'sale shopped' on my phone because I rather browsed online then bothered going to the shops, as I probably would not have found what I'm looking for and find nothing in my size either! By the way, just me or does anybody else also find 'buy one get one free' more tempting than 'two for the price of one'? I loved the Kurt Geiger, Dune and Karen Millen sale, but I did not spend, only drooled. Ted Baker have a 50% off sale and I picked up some awesome bargains, though I managed to not go overly crazy despite how much I love Ted Baker. By the end of December, coming towards New Year, I had a massive Westfield shopping adventure! Bought my first ever item from Lush too, the Soft Coeur massage bar :) the smell... OMG the smell... delicious.

This month I also discovered that I am addicted to Colman's tartare sauce and cannot stop eating pickle!!! Really need to stop eating like a horse.

Finally, being the festive season, the only music that I have heard in the last while has been Christmas/Festive songs, need to now find my way back to Metal.

Hope everybody had a lovely December, Christmas and New Year, have an uhmazing 2012 too xo

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday Wishlist #02 - 28/12/2011

1) Pineapple bright blue script logo hoodie - Once upon a time I used to live in hoodies but then I went through a phase of completely detesting them. Excluding my favourite GAP one, I gave all the hoodies I owned to a jumble sale years ago. Lately, I have been wearing my GAP one to death and have begun to love wearing hoodies again as they are the perfect accomplice to a lazy day infront of the TV. I trust Pineapple clothing (size, quality etc) and this one in particular would be perfect to start my collection from again, plus, blue is my favourite colour.

2) Model Mirror compact mirror in lush leopard - No compact mirror that I own, including the Monsoon one that I carry in my bag, ever truly works for me so I really want to give the Model Mirror a go as I believe it features eight battery-powered LEDs and offers 2x magnification. Plus, I like leopard print so this is perfect for me.

3) Korres lip butter in jasmine - I have only ever tried one other Korres lip butter, the Plum one, I unconditionally love it and wear it on days when I cannot be bothered with l/s, lip gloss etc. The formula is very buttery and the colour intensity is richer than some of the other tinted lip balms in my collection. The Jasmine lip butter is a milky pink; it reminds me of my favourite lip gloss of all time, 17 ultimate volume lip gloss in pink ice.

4) River Island purple leather shopper bag - I tote around alot of stuff in my oversized handbag and I have sworn to treat myself to a new bag whenever I FINALLY start working fulltime, this River Island number might just be the one.

5) OPI The Muppettes mini nail lacquer Christmas collection - I blame Kirsty for this lol, who blogs at Starry Eyed Blogs, she has reviewed them aswell as featuring them in other blogposts/videos. I love nail lacquer, nail art, painting my nails and OPI. My nail lacquer collection has hit the roof (I think it has) so I am trying to downsize by a) not buying anymore b) sticking to minis! All the colours in this collection are wearable and very festive, ideal for New Year.

6) eBay yellow and black leopard design leggings - An excuse to buy another pair of leggings and anything with leopard print.

7) ASOS AGGIE leather pull on ankle boots in tan - I love boots and will never say no to more boots :) For these in particular, I think the stacked wood-effect chunky heel and the tan colour sold it. I can see myself getting alot of wear out of these, then again I get alot of wear out of all my shoes/boots ;)

8) Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy (The girl with the dragon tattoo, The girl who played with fire, The girl who kicked the Hornet’s nest) - I have read library copies of all three books before but its about time that I added this plausible Millennium Trilogy to my ever growing book collection. P.S. I am very excited to see Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara take on the roles of the protagonists Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander in the American-produced version of the novels, cannot wait to see this at the cinema in the New Year!!!!!!

9) Zara Taylor peace brass earrings - I think I have cited once before how much I admire and enjoy wearing brass jewellery. These are crafted out of 100% raw brass and are the right thing to wear everyday with everything. Cannot wait to wear.

P.S. Look what arrived this morning, Essie topless & barefoot nail lacquer :)

Hope everybody had an awesome Christmas, have a lovely New Year too xo

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way......

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, hope everybody has a blessed day!

I have stay glued to the sofa infront of the TV since Christmas Eve :) and, earlier I watched The Snowman (never gets old) with the family and ate lots of yummy food!!! I have also had many LARGE glasses of Shloer red grape sparkling drink today.

xxxxxx xxxxxx

Friday, 23 December 2011

Third Edition: Mim's 5 favourite things.

Take three......


I have enormously loved wearing ALOT of jewellery for the last while, continuously switching from fine to costume depending on both outfit and mood. For that reason, it is really difficult for me to pick just one piece of jewellery, but, if I had to be extremely picky then it has to be this red/blue enamel triangle torque necklace by Topshop. I was seriously not sure whether I should buy this or not to the point where I constantly went from 'adding to basket' and 'removing from basket', but I am so delighted that in the end I did buy it. It sits faultlessly on my neckline and looks great over my Winter jumpers. P.S. Really want to attend Jewellery Week in 2012!


Because I could not resist lol, limited edition creme brulee Vaseline ;P

This has been one of my most prominent lip combination for the last couple of weeks: Sleek MakeUP Amped l/s (matte) with creme brulee Vaseline beneath and over the top. I am braving the brights at the moment and have also bought MAC morange l/s (amplified creme) because I am a fearless muppet ;)

On the same subject matter of l/s, a few days ago I counted the l/s in my l/s collection and I have exceeded 60! Is that too many for somebody who prefers lipgloss? Lol. The uncanny thing is that many of those l/s were bought AGES ago, and I have always preferred lipgloss :D


MUA Professional Heaven and Earth 12 e/s palette. At £4.00 it is affordable, a bargain and awesome value for money. It took me forever to get my hands on this palette and if you can, I would highly recommend. I already own the Urban Decay Naked palette but nevertheless this is a great dupe and because the packaging is so compact and sturdy it is efficient to take on travels.


My new (not so new anymore) leather ankle boots which I bought from ASOS for £40.00 a couple of months ago but they only had their first outing last month on my Birthday. They are very comfortable and perfect for A/W. And......

I love wearing jumpers and knitwear in the A/W Seasons as there is nothing more cosy, warm and comforting in Winter than a chunky jumper. The one specifically pictured here has been one of my all time favourites, it is a River Island beige fisherman swing jumper (70% Acrylic, 30% Wool) with dark beige and black colour block, it also has front pockets where my iPod Touch sits nicely.


Not going to say alot as I have tweeted about it like a crazy woman! Metal music all night long......




Serial scrapbooking, one word: FUN! On top of that I have also loved topping up on my stationery, art and creative supplies.

For more scrapbooking fun, please follow my tumblr: :) it is a place for me to scrapbook all my findings (mainly jewellery, fashion and food).

I have read the first chapter of my latest book, Ring by Koji Suzuki at last! Also, last week I submitted a long ass job application, words could not describe how bloody uhmazing it felt! Wish me luck people!!!

With Crimbo knocking, I am so chuffed that I have finished all of my Xmas shopping (good!), but I am ill (bad!) and I can feel myself beginning to get really ill :( so now, I am going to carry on with some eBay hauling, indulge in a hot drink and finish watching the rest of the Made In Chelsea (MIC) Christmas Special in order to make myself feel better.

What things have you been loving of late? Any top favourites/recommendations?
Bye xo

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Wednesday Wishlist (Jewellery) #01 - 21/12/2011

1) Eddie Borgo rose gold-plated labradorite necklace.
2) Lanvin Swarovski crystal-embellished leather butterfly choker.
3) Love's long lost rose made to order, silver.
4) Fiona Paxton Dakotah ring in gold.
5) Disaya multicoloured enamel owl gemstone pendant necklace.

The pictures speak volumes for themselves...... enjoy :)

Friday, 16 December 2011

House of flies: Vintage style red swallow earrings by Tatty Devine.

I bought these vintage style red swallow earrings from Tatty Devine last month November using my Birthday money and when Tatty Devine were offering free UK shipping. Now, it is no secret how much I am in awe of Tatty Devine jewellery (also vintage inspired and kitsch jewellery in general) as I am continually raving about them on Twitter! And funnily enough, I always seem to have one or more of their jewellery pieces on my wishlists year in year out. Especially these earrings, which have been on my wishlist since forever. They are very cute, timeless, deeply flattering, well made and a must for anybody who likes to embrace the 'sailor-esque' look. When worn, they fit flawlessly with the rest of my jewellery but also look adorable on their own too as they are just the right size to perch daintily on either side of my face. If you love little swallows like me then you sure as hell would love these!

They are made from shiny enamel in red and deep turquoise (they also come in the pale pink and deep turquoise variation). The vintage style red swallow earrings by Tatty Devine retail at £24.00.

On the same subject matter of swallows, I want this pretty bird and carved white flower ring from Accessorize :)

P.S. I cannot stop listening to this on repeat! Good gosh, I have a problem...... <3 <3 <3 GNR!!!

Bye xo

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Xmas/New Year Wishlist 2011!

Clockwise from top left:

Paparchase babushka ringbinder - A stationery junkie can never have too much stationery ;)

Benefit Hoola bronzing powder - Its a matte bronzer which I find looks ridiculously good as both a bronzer and as a contour on most people and on most skin tones too.

The hand that first held mine (paperback) by Maggie O'Farrell - The only book that I have ever read by Maggie O'Farrell which has also been the winner of the 2010 Costa (I love Costa) Novel Award. I first read a library copy of this book and can still remember how fascinating the gorgeously written paragraphs were to me.

Jon Richard mood gold key and hearts charm gold plated bangle - I like the idea of the three charms being dispersed on the same bangle, plus the bangle seems wearable with many outfits.

New Look real leather tassel loafer flats in tan - I am definitely more of a shoe than a handbag girl and prefer wearing flats during the day so I am sure I will get alot of wear out of these.

Paperchase triangle geometric tin pen pot - I love the intricate, optically engaging geometrical pattern that adorns this pen pot, its very mathematical and artistic and hopefully the pen pot will help in organising all the pens/pencils etc that live on my desk.

Sigma Beauty F80 flat top synthetic kabuki brush - Sadly, currently I don't own any Sigma brushes in spite of constantly hearing/reading very good reviews about them. I love my Real Techniques buffing brush which I use for my primers/tinted moisturisers but I'm looking for another similar one, preferably something a little bigger/wider, the Sigma F80 fits the description perfectly.

Models Own nail art pen in black - I am hoping this will bring precision and detail to all my nail art and allow me to be more adventurous/creative with it.

Me & Zena *Should I* decision maker necklace in gold/black - I already own the *Write On!* pencil ring and the *Rainbow Keyhole* charm by Me & Zena both which are dainty, detailed and very well made.

Illamasqua body electrics prism nail lacquer - I was very excited when prism was released but did not manage to get hold of it, maybe now I will? It looks lovely on its own aswell as as an iridescent topcoat over other polishes as it creates both drama and dimension.

Bye bye xo

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Graduation 2011...... I have a BSc Hons!

...... which I am very thankful and appreciative off... obv :)

This is probably old news to all those that follow me on Twitter already, but yes, I have at last officially graduated with a BSc Hons! A huge thank you to everyone that left me lovely, uplifting comments and messages on both Twitter/Facebook as I was a literal big bag of nerves. The Graduation Ceremony itself was held on Thursday 17/11/2011 at 7pm but since we arrived at our destination (Tom Tom style) at 3pm for the robe collection and professional studio photographs, I was made to roam around St Albans (Herts) in my gown for the rest of the afternoon/evening being stalked by Hertfordshire paparazzi and local shoppers. Overall, a surreal day where lots of hugs, kisses, farewells, best wishes and pictures were exchanged, marking a remarkable end to my Uni era and my journey from an undergraduate - graduand - graduate.

Now onto some pictures, OOTD/FOTD that kinda thing......

- FACE -
Estee Lauder daywear advanced multi-protection anti-oxidant SPF 15 lotion mixed with half a pump of Pixi flawless beauty primer in No. 1 Even Skin and a pea sized amount of MAC face and body foundation in C3
MAC cream colour base in Hush (to highlight cheekbones and brow bone)
Rimmel stay matte pressed powder in Transparent (on T-zone only)

- EYES -
Blinc tube mascara in Dark Brown on top lashes
AVON super enchant mascara in Black on botton lashes
Benefit high brow brow lifting pencil (in bottom waterline)

- LIPS -
Burt's Bees nourishing lip balm in Mango
MAC lip pencil in Redd
MAC l/s in Lady Danger (matte)
Revlon colourburst lipgloss in Strawberry

Topshop long sleeved chiffon shirt with gold buttons in Burgundy
Topshop tall basic vest in Black (worn underneath)
River Island skinny trousers with zip detail in Black
Carvela by Kurt Geiger (KG) Sophie patent bow shoes in Nude
Infamous Graduation attire which cost a bomb just to hire! Bank breaker!!!

I will, fingers crossed, write a whole new ‘House of flies’ blogpost in the near future on the jewellery that I wore to my Grad Ceremony, so watch out for that one coming very soon!

A few days before my Graduation I popped into a Selfridges branch where I effectively bathed myself in Jimmy Choo Eau de parfum (the fruity basenotes are superb). So post-Graduation when I received some Grad money from my darling mum and dad, I bought myself the Jimmy Choo 60ml EDP gift set as a Graduation treat which since that point has slowly interchanged my signature Elizabeth Arden's Red Door.

Phew, could not help reminiscing throughout writing this one :) until next time, turrah.

- Scientist Mim.
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