Friday, 16 December 2011

House of flies: Vintage style red swallow earrings by Tatty Devine.

I bought these vintage style red swallow earrings from Tatty Devine last month November using my Birthday money and when Tatty Devine were offering free UK shipping. Now, it is no secret how much I am in awe of Tatty Devine jewellery (also vintage inspired and kitsch jewellery in general) as I am continually raving about them on Twitter! And funnily enough, I always seem to have one or more of their jewellery pieces on my wishlists year in year out. Especially these earrings, which have been on my wishlist since forever. They are very cute, timeless, deeply flattering, well made and a must for anybody who likes to embrace the 'sailor-esque' look. When worn, they fit flawlessly with the rest of my jewellery but also look adorable on their own too as they are just the right size to perch daintily on either side of my face. If you love little swallows like me then you sure as hell would love these!

They are made from shiny enamel in red and deep turquoise (they also come in the pale pink and deep turquoise variation). The vintage style red swallow earrings by Tatty Devine retail at £24.00.

On the same subject matter of swallows, I want this pretty bird and carved white flower ring from Accessorize :)

P.S. I cannot stop listening to this on repeat! Good gosh, I have a problem...... <3 <3 <3 GNR!!!

Bye xo


Vintage Makeup said...

Love them! So pretty

Mim said...

Thanks hun! I have been a little MIA on Blogger lately, have tonnes of your posts to catch up with xo

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