Friday, 23 December 2011

Third Edition: Mim's 5 favourite things.

Take three......


I have enormously loved wearing ALOT of jewellery for the last while, continuously switching from fine to costume depending on both outfit and mood. For that reason, it is really difficult for me to pick just one piece of jewellery, but, if I had to be extremely picky then it has to be this red/blue enamel triangle torque necklace by Topshop. I was seriously not sure whether I should buy this or not to the point where I constantly went from 'adding to basket' and 'removing from basket', but I am so delighted that in the end I did buy it. It sits faultlessly on my neckline and looks great over my Winter jumpers. P.S. Really want to attend Jewellery Week in 2012!


Because I could not resist lol, limited edition creme brulee Vaseline ;P

This has been one of my most prominent lip combination for the last couple of weeks: Sleek MakeUP Amped l/s (matte) with creme brulee Vaseline beneath and over the top. I am braving the brights at the moment and have also bought MAC morange l/s (amplified creme) because I am a fearless muppet ;)

On the same subject matter of l/s, a few days ago I counted the l/s in my l/s collection and I have exceeded 60! Is that too many for somebody who prefers lipgloss? Lol. The uncanny thing is that many of those l/s were bought AGES ago, and I have always preferred lipgloss :D


MUA Professional Heaven and Earth 12 e/s palette. At £4.00 it is affordable, a bargain and awesome value for money. It took me forever to get my hands on this palette and if you can, I would highly recommend. I already own the Urban Decay Naked palette but nevertheless this is a great dupe and because the packaging is so compact and sturdy it is efficient to take on travels.


My new (not so new anymore) leather ankle boots which I bought from ASOS for £40.00 a couple of months ago but they only had their first outing last month on my Birthday. They are very comfortable and perfect for A/W. And......

I love wearing jumpers and knitwear in the A/W Seasons as there is nothing more cosy, warm and comforting in Winter than a chunky jumper. The one specifically pictured here has been one of my all time favourites, it is a River Island beige fisherman swing jumper (70% Acrylic, 30% Wool) with dark beige and black colour block, it also has front pockets where my iPod Touch sits nicely.


Not going to say alot as I have tweeted about it like a crazy woman! Metal music all night long......




Serial scrapbooking, one word: FUN! On top of that I have also loved topping up on my stationery, art and creative supplies.

For more scrapbooking fun, please follow my tumblr: :) it is a place for me to scrapbook all my findings (mainly jewellery, fashion and food).

I have read the first chapter of my latest book, Ring by Koji Suzuki at last! Also, last week I submitted a long ass job application, words could not describe how bloody uhmazing it felt! Wish me luck people!!!

With Crimbo knocking, I am so chuffed that I have finished all of my Xmas shopping (good!), but I am ill (bad!) and I can feel myself beginning to get really ill :( so now, I am going to carry on with some eBay hauling, indulge in a hot drink and finish watching the rest of the Made In Chelsea (MIC) Christmas Special in order to make myself feel better.

What things have you been loving of late? Any top favourites/recommendations?
Bye xo


Vintage Makeup said...

Those shoes are cute!

Mim said...

I really like em, very comfortable too!

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