Sunday, 27 February 2011

House of flies: In times we need a bit of luck.

......I throw on the leather 'four leaf clover' lucky charm bracelet:

A pale green leather leather lucky charm 6" bracelet adorned with a four leaf clover charm.

The green colour means: Nature, health, good luck, youth, generosity and fertility.

A very simple statement bracelet which dazzles radiantly when worn either alone or with other heavy duty bracelets/bangles and does not fall short in adding character to your wrist. Will also make a great friendship bracelet.

This will probably be another good alternative to the Chakra bracelets which I blogged about here:

A super quick post as I'm busy putting a powerpoint presentation together on 'the contribution of parametric genetics has made in furthering our understanding of the molecular pathology of DFN89, a nonsyndromic (never knew that was actually a word) form of human deafness', for my seminar in two weeks time :'( I need alot of luck at the moment (I hate oral presentations and hate them 10 times more when they are to be done solo!) hence this post! ;)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

House of flies: The rainbow, the moonstone and me.

These earrings are a couple of months old and I've finally just got round to doing a blogpost on them as they got lost and forgotten about inside my darkened bedside drawer. I re-discovered them last night and have been wearing them since. A rainbow moonstone suspended in a 925 sterling silver exterior with a detailed embossed design. I like semi-precious stones, so these were just the style of earrings I had been looking for. I have to say they were a great eBay find! I stumbled across a very friendly and equally helpful eBay seller who provided a A* service. Not only did she not charge me the extra p&p for the black haematite band ring which I also bought from her but dispatched the item so quickly that I received them a day after the day I purchased them from her eBay shop.
By the way, sterling silver is a much hard-wearing form of silver and it will keep your jewellery for years without breaking the bank!

Update 1: Also, I like taking pictures of food and I have finally got a blog dedicated to fooooood! Check it out here: (I should be a food critic).

Update 2: I am trying to drink healthy...... this healthy enough?!

Another update (hopefully the last one): I think it is ironically fascinating how my hand cream is called 'hand food' :)

Ok, back to the chamber now.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Dinner at Cafe Rouge.

Dinner at Cafe Rouge: starter, side, main, dessert and drink!
'Fritôts de Camembert', deep fried individual Camembert with a warm redcurrant and cranberry sauce.

'Fougasse', typical French bread smothered in warm garlic and herb butter.

'Saumon à la Niçoise', pan fried fillet of salmon with a salad of French beans, olives, anchovies, new potatoes, egg, tomato, red onions and mixed leaves tossed in house French dressing.

Pancake with bananas, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

Bloody Mary, without the vodka ofcourse :)

A lovely dinner in a lovely place with the honour of being in a lovely company.

Friday, 11 February 2011

No 17 Va Va Voom Lipglosses - I won them :)

I won the No 17 lipgloss competition today on Twitter. Winning the No 17 cosmetics competition has made my day, when is the last time I actually won something! Big thanks!
'RT @Official17 and the winner issssss.........@mimistheword! well done, our fabulous 17 Va Va Voom Lipglosses will be winging their way to you asap xxx'

Thursday, 10 February 2011

House of flies: Valentine's Special.

So after 5 weeks of pure lab work, tomorrow I do my API strips (Analytical Profile Index) and thats me done. Thank goodness. It has been a great but hectic last couple of weeks and tomorrow it all comes to an end. Though I have to say, I feel sad and glad at the same time, I'll honestly totally miss working independently in the lab where I'm not subjected to the routine Monday to Friday Uni hours and lecture/practical blocks and can just get on with my own stuff on my own accord without having to also worry too much about lecturers/lab technicians hovering over my head all the time (though my project supervisor does freak me out)! However, the immense pressure and 9.00am meetings with my project supervisor will not be missed :)

Anyways, now is probably the best time for me to do a Valentine's special blogpost. I was reading the Metro on my way home the other day and I noticed they had a really good 'Jewellery Ideas for Valentines Day' section on a Valentine's special two page spread, so I'm going to try and create my own version here!

N.B. This blogpost might be quite long cos I'm bored and on a mission!

Valentine's Special:

1) I want to introduce some of the jewellery pieces from two of my personal favourite collections by Laura Gravestock: The Promise and Written collection.

The Promise collection doesn't fail at keeping its promise of placing elegance and femininity at the heart of your jewellery. Each piece has a certain boldness which is amplified by the delicate craftsmanship.
Promise lattice ring (18ct gold plated silver, 9mm wide, RRP £135.00).
Promise lattice stud earrings (18ct gold plated silver, 12 x 13mm wide, RRP £75.00).
Promise lattice pendant (18ct gold plated silver, 12 x 13mm wide, 17" chain length, RRP £145.00).

These are probably my favourite pieces of jewellery from Laura's Promise collection and they accompany each other so well that when worn together they will not fall short in creating something really spectacular. The Promise lattice ring is so intricate and versatile and can effortlessly be worn alone or when stacked with other rings. Either way, I think this ring will be up most female's street. The Promise lattice stud earrings are so simple yet elegant and so easy to wear with most outfits. The Promise lattice pendant adds a spark to the neckline and the hexagonal cut brings about a subtle edge.

The hexagonal lattice detail is the focal point of each of the three jewellery pieces above, I find that it gives a luxurious finish to each of them.

Wear the ring, stud earrings or pendant during the day or in the evening, together or individually, your sure to make a statement this Valentines.

Browse the full Promise collection by Laura Gravestock here:

The Written collection certainly speaks words.
Sterling silver love ring (8mm high, RRP £35.00).
Sterling silver single heart ring (12mm high, RRP £35.00).
Sterling silver multi heart ring (10mm high, RRP £39.00).

I think these three dainty rings are perfect for everyday wear as they are simple, effective, very affordable and will add a contemporary touch to any outfit.

Browse the full Written collection by Laura Gravestock here:

2) If your looking for something hugely elaborate then look no further than the brass bracelet by Maison Martin Margiela.
Maison Martin Margiela brass bracelet (RRP £374.00).

I think wearing this bracelet on its own is enough to elaborate any evening outfit. I love chunky bangles and cannot help but admire the 'heaviness' of this bracelet.

3) A gorgeous addition to your fine jewellery collection?
Beazie Roberts yellow gold and diamond heart ring (RRP £2150.00).
I think yes! Make a loving gesture this Valentines with this incredible handcrafted 18 carat yellow gold heart ring by playful fine jewellery designer Beazie Roberts. Beazie Roberts is known for her talent in producing mouthwatering, modern and outstanding pieces of fine jewellery. Her signature gold and sapphire pineapple collections have always adorned the red carpet. This ring has been handcrafted from 18 carat gold with two different finishes - the face of the heart has a brushed texture, whereas the outer edge is polished. A dash of white diamonds on each face will certainly make this ring a permanent fixture on your finger.

4) Disaya always design mischievous jewellery that makes attitude a priority; 'sophisticated attitude' I'll call it and I really like how they flawlessly reflect that in many of their jewellery designs.
Disaya 'Love Me' pink enamelled stainless steel earrings (RRP £67.00).
Disaya 'Kiss Me' pink enamelled short stainless steel necklace (RRP £115.00).

A perfect must have duo for any Lady Muck! Both the stainless steel 'Love Me' earrings and 'Kiss Me' necklace speak attitude in volumes.

Happy Valentines to all those celebrating......

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

House of flies: Friendship bracelets.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend this year then take a look at these Chakra friendship bracelets by Daisy Jewellery which seem to have taken over the celebrity world by storm and definitely do not fail to impress. With the choice of six vibrant colours, each symbolising different flows of spiritual energy, the Chakra is a winner throughout. So whether you pick the theme love, life, health or happiness, I'm sure there is a Chakra for all. Each bracelet has a 24 carat gold plated Chakra charm and you can purchase one for a friend or as a treat to yourself from
RRP £75.00

Colour and style:
Purple Brow Chakra
Green Heart Chakra
Red Base Chakra
Lilac Crown Chakra
Orange Sacral Chakra
Blue Throat Chakra

However, if you are on a budget, or don't plan on forking out 75 quid on a friendship bracelet or plan on buying multiple friendship bracelets, then these equally beautiful bracelets from The Inspire-RING Collection at Dolly Bow Bow ( might be more appealing. Again, these come in a collection of six bright colours and there is a choice of four different inspirational words that can adorn your wrist.
RRP £4.99

Hot Pink
Ice Pink
Ice Blue

Inspirational words:

Each bracelet comes in a standard length of 17cm.

No doubt I heart the Chakras completely, but the bracelets from The Inspire-RING Collection at Dolly Bow Bow are my personal faves, must invest in some of those soon!

By the way, there is a whole load of new stuff, mostly jewellery, books, clothes/shoes and other bits and bobs that I have bought recently and would totally love to do blogposts on, but alas Uni work has caught up with me and I've been spending literally all my hours in the microbiology lab streaking/growing bacteria! Once that is over I promise to showcase some brilliant stuff that I've managed to dig in the last two months. Oh, and I had a nosebleed today, it was scary and now I am bigtime para :'(

Thursday, 3 February 2011

House of flies: Its a gem thing.

Ok, I have to admit, I have somewhat re-found my fascination with watching 'GemsTV' again. I used to watch it a long time ago but my interest in watching teleshopping channels died sooner than expected. Well, I was watching it the other day with my mum, and although she slagged off every piece (something she has seemed to have got better in doing lol), I was quite taken aback with a couple of the lovely pieces of jewellery/gemstones featured. Later, I had a quick look on GemsTV's official website for the beautiful black agate necklace which I saw getting sold on the show for £89.00 but didn't have much luck, I'm sure one will probably pop up on eBay sometime soon, I'm staying hopeful :)

Watching the show made me realise how much fine jewellery-wearers love their gems, I certainly do! My jewellery box is full of many gems: precious, semi precious, some old and some new. I remember my first valuable ring had a heart shaped opal in the middle which was surrounded by clear cubic zirconia (CZ) stones. Sadly I grew out of it, but 13 years later my mum found me a very similar one, an oval shaped opal surrounded by clear CZ stones. I love this ring and wear it nearly always as its both classic and vintage looking.
Multigemstone jewellery can look beautiful when worn with the right outfit and in the right proportion and can also be your not so typical type of statement jewellery. I personally love statement jewellery but I have to say that I'm not a big fan of wearing all my gems together, but after looking at some of the multi-gem pieces of fine jewellery on the Solange Azagury Partridge website (, I might have to make an exception.
18ct gold plique-a-jour and multistone necklace.

18ct Blackened white gold, diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby and multicoloured gem set earrings and ring.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

House of flies: Origami jewellery.

Origami as everybody knows it is the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. Starting in the 17th century and gaining popularity in the mid-1900s, it has revolutionised into a modern art form. But who would have thought of turning this kind of imaginative widely-admired paper art into delicate pieces of wearable jewellery?

Claire & Arnaud, two French design friends found their own individual brand 'Origami Jewellery', inspired by the beauty of Japanese creativity.

Stumbling across their brand was a total accident of mine, but without doubt a beautiful one. Upon seeing a few of their intricately highly-detailed artwork exhibited as gorgeous pieces of jewellery, I couldn't help but wonder why I on earth hadn't I found them before as I'm always on an online hunt for jewellery that oozes style and is unusual, unique and timeless. Better late than never eh?

Their Origami jewellery is available as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks. All models are either solid silver, gold plated (vermeil) or silver stained black (gun barrel).

Each piece has been made extremely precisely with commendable craftsmanship. Great care has been taken in emphasising every fold, crease and refined feature of a typical traditional origami.

Below are some of my favourite pieces from their impressive jewellery range:

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