Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Month in photos: January (2012).

January took off painfully slow for me. I spent most of the first half being extremely ill, had the folks nurse me till I got better, ate much coveted Terry's chocolate orange, drank lots and lots of PG Tips tea and snuggled with my hot water bottle every night. Thankfully, by the second half things got better and everything was back up and running. I cannot believe the first month of the New Year is over already though :( anyways, here is my January (2012) in photos......

N.B. This is an extortionately food heavy post because aside from being ill this month, I also continued doing what I do best...... be a fatty and eat like a horse ;) I'm the textbook definition of a food lover :)

  • My tickets for the Michael McIntyre 2012 arena tour arrived! Woop Woop!
  • Profiteroles are uhmazing.
  • I love my new indoor slipper socks/boots which I bought at the start of the month, actually, I bought a handful as they were cheap as chips.
  • Oh my days, I still cannot believe that I picked up this book for 99p from Waterstone's! BOOK BARGAIN!!!
  • I went to Nando's with the boy for a hearty meal after which we went to Tinseltown and got super tipsy on shakes.
  • By the end of the month, I escaped to one of my favourites places EVER for a couple of days with some very lovely company where I ate, ate and ate at my favourite restaurants on earth. (New Year's Resolution to watch what I eat went straight out the window)...... obv :(
  • I went 15 days without receiving any parcels, which sucked as I was expecting a significant amount (from both overseas and local), then boom, come morning of the last day of January and four parcels dropped through my letterbox. From left to right: Orly Au Champagne, OPI Rainbow Connection and Essie Size Matters nail polishes :)
  • Costa is my all time preferred coffee shop and I ordered this cake on my last trip. I think it was a walnut and coffee cake if I remember correctly. Cross my heart, it was one of the most delicious cakes I had tasted in a long while (after Victoria Sponge ofcourse). Now I am on a serious quest to bake a replica.

Hope everybody had an awesome start to the year, have an even better February. I can sense February is going to be a busy month for me...... exciting!

Mim xo

Monday, 30 January 2012

House of flies: Silver bead charm bracelets (via Sawyer & Scout).

I recently unearthed Sawyer & Scout, a online jewellery store which is gradually becoming one of my favourite places to shop at :) I haven't known it for long yet I have already chosen my most wanted pieces of jewellery off the site! One of my unquestionable favourites are the silver bead charm bracelets. There are two variants of the charm bracelets: a adjustable waxed blue cord bracelet with a heart charm and a brown cord bracelet with a flower charm. I like to wear an assortment of bracelets and bangles together on my left wrist, this is the wrist where I would typically wear my watch too, and I ALWAYS wear a watch (trust). I have bought the blue cord bracelet with the heart charm since I love both blue and hearts, soon this will be accompanying the many other bracelets/bangles on my left wrist...... hooray!

I have two covering letters to write tonight...... MEH :/ but before that, I am going to quickly wash up, resume helping the boy with his maths assignment and read another chapter of Jane Eyre...... BLISS!


Such quick delivery...... I received my order two days after placing it! Thank you so much Sawyer & Scout xxx

Mim xo

Saturday, 21 January 2012

House of flies: Light as a feather.

I have never owned any feather earrings if I remember correctly...... but last summer almost everybody I knew rocked a pair of feather earrings atleast once and so yeah I succumbed and really wanted a pair just to get on the bandwagon ;)

I think the likes of Accessorize and Primark came out with a whole compilation of different real feather, faux feather and feather - mimic earrings, but I forgot to get my hands on any. A couple of weeks ago I went on a massive shopping adventure with my sister and grabbed these from New Look. They were reduced to £1.50!...... So in the shopping basket they went :) I think they were available in a couple of colours, but since I like blue these were the only ones that came close. Although I'd much preferred them to be a much truer shade of blue rather than juggle between blue and green and be either nor here or there (I don't like green). Whether I will wear them or not is a predicament of its own, for now, they can sit contentedly amongst my other jewellery.

P.S. Notice my Pocahontas mouse mat? :D

Mim xo

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #05 - 18/01/2012

1) OPI original nail envy natural nail strengthener - My nails can do with intense rescuing sometimes as they constantly jump from being ok to becoming flaky, brittle and start to peel and break again :( all the nail hardeners that I have tried in the past have failed me, I have very high hopes with the OPI offering, at £18.00 it better be bloody worth the money!!! Oh, I think it doubles up as a basecoat too?
2) OPI dating a royal nail lacquer - Described as a royal blue that sets crowns spinning...... blue is my favourite colour.
3) Celebrity style Picasso blue pattern soft long scarf/stole - Bascially, Picasso is my favourite artist EVER, since I was 5 years old :)
4) e.l.f. hypershine lipgloss in bubblegum - I love both the e.l.f. hypershine lipglosses and luscious liquid lipsticks and am forever restocking them.
5) Jemma Kidd dewy glow all over radiance creme in iced gold - A well known favourite of Tanya Burr's from Pixi2woo. Whenever Tanya uses this as a highlight in her tutorials I always notice how radiantly luminous it makes her skin look. The multi purpose radiance creme is available in two shades, iced gold is champagne in colour I believe.
6) e.l.f. corrective concealer - The sole reason for including the corrective concealer palette to my wishlist is that I can really do with having the green and lilac shades in my collection. The green shade aids neutralisation of redness like that of acne and the lilac shade brightens yellow tones. I have always had acne prone, problematic skin and cannot wait to try this on days when my skin is going through a rough patch.
7) Illamasqua cream blusher in seduce - I swear by all my Illamasqua cream blushers (I own lies and sob). If you have relatively dry cheeks or like me find powder blushers sometimes a pain to work with, then you will love the Illamasqua cream blushers. I use my MAC 188 small duo fibre brush to apply all my cream blushers to my cheeks and the Illamasqua ones in particular blend effortlessly and leave a natural dewy pop of colour. Aswell as leaving a captivating glow they are also buildable making it easy for you to take your makeup from daytime to night time. Seduce is a warm rose pink, nothing like anything I own already.
8) Alexander McQueen pale pink and taupe enamelled skull ring - As Net-A-Porter puts it - a sophisticated way to introduce the label's signature skull motif to your look :)
9) Dominic Jones saw blade 23-karat white gold plated earrings - House of flies blogpost here.

Mim xo

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Barry M Peach Melba nail lacquer.

Basecoat: Barry M 3 in 1 nail paint.
First colour: Barry M Peach Melba.
Second colour: Barry M instant nails effect (crackle) in Black Magic.
Topcoat: Seche Vite dry fast coat.

Again, not the the most traditional winter nail polish but isn't Barry M Peach Melba beautiful? Possibly one of my favourite 'peachy' nail colours. It kind of resembles Revlon's Peach Smoothie a little to me but minus the horrible yucky smell :/ I also love the Barry M crackle nail polishes, so far I have three, Black Magic (worn above), Blue Print and White Frost, I really badly want to try the foil and croc instant nail effects too! May have to pick them up when I'm in town tomorrow :)

My Seche Vite has become a big gooey mess and I am unsure as to whether I should repurchase a new one or not? It saddens me, because it is the bomb when it comes to topcoats but the price is a little steep to be repurchasing after only four bloody months :(

Any recommendations for any decent cheaper topcoat alternatives will be very appreciated :)

I tumbled upon this picture on Tumblr last month and even re-tumbled it here...... basically, I like the combination of jewellery, nail lacquer, books and coffee...... this could so easily be me :)

Mim xo

Monday, 16 January 2012

OPI Sparrow Me The Drama nail lacquer.

Those who know me or follow me on Twitter will already know how much I love nail lacquer and painting my nails! OPI, Essie, Avon, Barry M, Dior and Illamasqua are a few of my favourite brands for nail lacquers.

OPI Sparrow Me The Drama nail lacquer was released as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection in May 2011. I loved most of the limited edition releases from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (Skull & Glossbones!) but only happened to buy one and that too was after one of absolute favourite bloggers on youtube constantly bigged it up.

A pink that means business...... such an unusual shade of pink which in my opinion will look flattering on all skin tones. The above is two coats as I think two coats suffice. I wore this almost all the time throughout the remainder of last Summer and even took it on my holiday to Turkey with me! For now, this is resting in my nail polish collection until the Autumn/Winter months are over :)

Did anybody else pink up any of the releases from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection? I have to say, it was a good looking collection overall.

Mim xo

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dream designer outfit......

My interpretation of my dream designer outfit for a special occasion......

Clockwise from top left:

Miu Miu embellished mattelassé leather cluth. RRP £750.00

Dior Vernis red royalty nail lacquer. RRP £17.50

Vivienne Westwood leather regent skyscraper with pom pom shoes in moleskin grey suede. RRP £370.00

Donna Karan draped stretch jersey dress. RRP £1550.00

Alexander McQueen pale pink and taupe enamelled skull ring. RRP £75.00

Aurélie Bidermann set of two 18 karat gold rings. RRP £380.00

Aurélie Bidermann 18 karat rose gold dipped lace cuff. RRP £785.00

Yves Saint Laurent black mamba gold plated drop earrings. RRP £250.00

Aurélie Bidermann mamba 18 karat gold plated ring. RRP £135.00

Mim xo

Friday, 13 January 2012

House of flies: Dominic Jones (via Net-A-Porter).

Saw blade 23-karat white gold plated earrings.

Talon 23-karat black gold plated ring.

Pentagon 23-karat white gold plated ring (designed to be worn at the knuckle or on your smallest finger).

Commended by American Vogue's editor Anna Wintour and loved by Alexa Chung, I don't see why every woman should not own a Dominic Jones piece of jewellery. I love the punk, gothic, regal and somewhat medieval charm that runs throughout London-based Dominic's jewellery line. With beautifully crafted nature and architecture inspired pieces, I willingly will imbues the top three jewellery items to my very own classic, edgy, rock 'n' roll image, think a cross between Dior, Vivienne Westwood, DKNY and Karen Millen.

Dominic Jones jewellery designs are a work of art...... and I love art :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #04 - 11/01/2012

1) Topshop brown mountain horn collar necklace - I wear my Topshop Red/Blue enamel triangle torque necklace all the time over jumpers and dresses and this one will be a nice, ethnic alternative. Overall, I find torque necklaces in general a sophisticated, elegant and classy piece of valuable jewellery.
2) OPI rainbow connection glitter nail lacquer - Glitter! I have to say, this would make a lovely accent nail.
3) Martine Wester divine bird gold toned drop earrings - Watch out for a 'House of flies' post on this very soon!
4) Vero Moda super stretch denim mini skirt in indigo - I love wearing simple skirts/shorts over leggings/jeggings, also, Danish fashion house, Vero Moda has seemed to dominate my wardrobe lately.
5) Women PU leather envelope purse/clutch/handbag in pink.
6) Paul's Boutique zip purse in mushroom - This is going to be a replacement for my old,
battered coin purse which I bought on my holiday to Istanbul/Turkey.
7) Burt's Bees beeswax and banana hand cream 2oz - Hands down, I love my Soap & Glory hand food, but its on its last legs and I have been itching to try out the Burt's Bees beeswax and banana hand cream for quite some time now. It is made with aloe vera and vitamin E, plus, I like the smell of bananas :)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #03 - 04/01/2012

1) Warehouse embellished cuff top in black.
2) Dior Addict l/s in Millie - Dior is one of my favourite brands for everything. I always have faith in the quality of their makeup as I have never been left disappointed by anything that I have tried till date. The colour Millie in Dior's new high shine formula offers effortless impulsive application and a sheer wash of fashionable colour in a transparent streamlined case making it ideal to throw into my handbag as a brilliant on the go accessory.
3) MAC powder blush in pink swoon - To me, this seems like a slightly more opaque version of MAC powder blush in well dressed. I have seen pink swoon on many people, it adds a fresh and natural subtle pink flush, perfect for everyday.
4) Ted Baker printed slouch top in black - I love Ted Baker.
5) Maison Martin Margiela set of four rose gold plated knuckleduster rings - I have to say I am sold by this modern take on the cult classic knuckle rings. They are rose gold plated and are designed to fit any finger and can be worn mutually or across two hands. I think this will make a clever addition to anybody's jewellery collection.
6) Lush tinted lip balm in double choc - I popped into Lush for the first time a couple of days ago where I remember swatching this particular shade of their tinted lip balms, but because I was a Lush virgin, therefore a little sceptical, I did not buy it. My friend has the snow fairy lip tint which if I remember correctly she used to use consistently throughout the Winter months, now I am kicking myself even more on why I didn't buy it! I love my Korres plum and jasmine lip butters (jasmine was in my Wednesday Wishlist #02) but am very eager to give the Lush one a go.
7) Essie lady like nail lacquer - I bought my first Essie nail lacquer (topless & barefoot) shortly after Xmas and it is amazing in every sense. Lady like is another polish like no other that I already own which I would like to include in my evergrowing nail lacquer collection :) Essie describes this as an elegant soft mauve.
8) Chanel black pearl le vernis nail colour - I have never worn black nail polish as I find it looks overly harsh on my nails, nor have I ever ventured into the Chanel nail lacquers. Black pearl is a stormy teal-tinged blackened base with threads of metallic silvered green running through it, topped off with green, blue and teal micro shimmer, it will allow me to wear an almost black-like nail lacquer without the starkness. Plus, at the moment I have 10 quid on my beauty club card which will bring this unique beauty from £17.50 down to just £7.50 so I might just treat myself.
9) River Island patent buckle loafers in black - Cos I didn't manage to get hold of the New Look real leather tassel loafer flats in tan from my Xmas/New Year Wishlist 2011, I snapped these River Island ones instantaneously after my Sister bought them from ASOS. I don't have alot of patent footwear and it would be nice and a bit different to wear some patent loafers for a change.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!!! Bye bye 2011, hello 2012!

Happy New Year! Hope everybody had a good 2011, have an even better 2012. May 2012 bring happiness, success and good health for all xxx

I think I have done well with my New Year's resolution list for 2012 :)
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