Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Month in photos: January (2012).

January took off painfully slow for me. I spent most of the first half being extremely ill, had the folks nurse me till I got better, ate much coveted Terry's chocolate orange, drank lots and lots of PG Tips tea and snuggled with my hot water bottle every night. Thankfully, by the second half things got better and everything was back up and running. I cannot believe the first month of the New Year is over already though :( anyways, here is my January (2012) in photos......

N.B. This is an extortionately food heavy post because aside from being ill this month, I also continued doing what I do best...... be a fatty and eat like a horse ;) I'm the textbook definition of a food lover :)

  • My tickets for the Michael McIntyre 2012 arena tour arrived! Woop Woop!
  • Profiteroles are uhmazing.
  • I love my new indoor slipper socks/boots which I bought at the start of the month, actually, I bought a handful as they were cheap as chips.
  • Oh my days, I still cannot believe that I picked up this book for 99p from Waterstone's! BOOK BARGAIN!!!
  • I went to Nando's with the boy for a hearty meal after which we went to Tinseltown and got super tipsy on shakes.
  • By the end of the month, I escaped to one of my favourites places EVER for a couple of days with some very lovely company where I ate, ate and ate at my favourite restaurants on earth. (New Year's Resolution to watch what I eat went straight out the window)...... obv :(
  • I went 15 days without receiving any parcels, which sucked as I was expecting a significant amount (from both overseas and local), then boom, come morning of the last day of January and four parcels dropped through my letterbox. From left to right: Orly Au Champagne, OPI Rainbow Connection and Essie Size Matters nail polishes :)
  • Costa is my all time preferred coffee shop and I ordered this cake on my last trip. I think it was a walnut and coffee cake if I remember correctly. Cross my heart, it was one of the most delicious cakes I had tasted in a long while (after Victoria Sponge ofcourse). Now I am on a serious quest to bake a replica.

Hope everybody had an awesome start to the year, have an even better February. I can sense February is going to be a busy month for me...... exciting!

Mim xo


xXxStundonxXx said...

So jealous that you are going to see Michael McIntyre! He is great!

Glad that you're feeling better now.

All that food looks yummy, my kind of girl haha! xx

Vintage Makeup said...

The nail polishes look lovely! Glad you feel better hun

Mim said...

Awh thanks honey xxx

Mim said...

I have waited an eternity to go and see him! 2012 is going to be a comedy-full year for me :)

Ahaha, I love eating!

Thanks hun, my folks are ill now and I really don't want to catch the bug a second time :(

Lots of love x

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