Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #10 - 28/03/2012

I swear to God, Blogger hates me. It always fails to publish my scheduled blogposts whenever I do decide to use that (un)convenience. For instance, this post was supposed to go up last Wednesday but never did! Does anybody else find that happening alot to them too? Please do not tell me that I am the only one on the shelve!

There seems to be alot of clothes in this week’s Wednesday Wishlist blogpost (again), so please do excuse the excessiveness. I am the content owner of an overflowing wardrobe yet I still find myself staring at it everyday, absurdly oblivious as to what to wear! Besides, I do not think my evergrowing penchant for clothes/fashion will EVER go away. Over the past couple of weeks the amount of clothes that I have bought or been kindly gifted is amazing. Nobody would be able to work out that I am an (involuntary) unemployed human lol; my meticulous budgeting skills certainly work a treat! Plus, everybody around me right now (family, bf etc) have been feeding my mania really well :)

1) Missguided Adonela long sleeved sheer floral trim blouse - I am a big fan of shirts/chiffon blouses and everything floral as they look good all year round and can be dressed up or down to making them pertinent for all occasions. This particular one from Missguided (I need to shop there more often!) is very tailored without much shape, so I will most likely wear it with blue denim like the model above just so the complete outfit does not look overly sophisticated on me. It actually reminds me of a red shirt that I bought from New Look yonks ago which was very shapeless on me too but looked perfect over skinny jeans.
2) Orange Circle cosmic peace sign t shirt - There were SOOO many designs to choose from! I had severe difficulty settling on one! In the end I chose the cosmic peace sign as I think it was a nice place to start at. Slowly but surely I am getting more into wearing my whites/creams during spring/summer as whenever I have worn these colours in the past they have given a serene and tranquil ambience especially on days when the sun was blazing down my back! I want to get my bf one too and get a couple more for myself and maybe tie-dye, dip-dye, ombre-dye them? Maybe, we'll see.
3) Topshop moto turn up mid stone hotpant - Glad the weather had a change of heart and the sun decided to stick around for longer I plan on living in my shorts, skirts, tunics, maxi dresses, dresses in general all throughout summer this year. Currently, I actually don't own a pair of denim shorts and have been after some since last year! I can probably get good wear out of these and wear them in summer and winter. I have to say, I love the trims and the turn up.
4) Bobbi Brown ultra violet lipgloss - My fascination with purple lipgloss recently is something I cannot fathom, I am running low on my Revlon super lustrous lipgloss in lilac pastelle as I have been wearing it non stop! The Bobbi Brown ultra violet lipgloss is a sheer lipgloss which I am hoping will make a gorgeous love child with #10 below. There may not be much purple in this post but thinking about it now, everything insignificant that I have bought in the last while has been purple! Purple iPod touch case, purple notebook, purple pencil case, even the amethyst earrings that I bought from a market stall last week are purple! Overkill!
5) Topshop black bright spray printed leggings - I absolutely love this print, it has my name written all over it. As the print is reasonably subtle you could probably get away with wearing these leggings during the day or at night. I am gona own the print terrain this year :)
6) New Look large blue floral print retro sunglasses - For some uncanny reason I have never bought myself any floral print sunnies before! As blue is my favourite colour I instantaneously grabbed these when I obscurely saw them in my local New Look branch...... these should not really be on the wishlist anymore haha.
7) Topshop vicar gold snaffle trim tan loafers - Me and my flats, nothing new here. I specifically adore the gold snaffle trim on these ones. Love a healthy walk in the countryside surrounded by buttercups, daisies and marigolds whilst wearing some comfortable loafers :)
8) OPI I don't give a Rotterdam! nail lacquer - I blame my new favourite girl who blogs over at Beabarella for this addition. She did a whole blogpost on this and I was sold!
9) Me before you by Jojo Moyes (paperback) - I love Jojo Moyes, just don't get to read enough of her stuff, hoping to build my collection soon. One day, I will be the proud owner of a Beauty and the Beast style library!!!
10) Estee Lauder plum couture pure colour long lasting l/s.
11) Wired Jewellery peace above knuckle sterling silver ring - I am a noob on the bone of contention of above knuckle rings. As you can tell, I obviously have a 'peace' theme running throughout this week's wishlist lol, but I rather have a motif above knuckle ring then just another simple plain band as I have many of those already (different sizes, widths and all). Money soon please :)

Anybody else with a similar wishlist? Please send me links.

Mim xo

Monday, 26 March 2012

I am the metal magician.

So the clocks went forward yesterday...... big deal lol, I did not want them to go forward...... lol. My body, like usual, is stubbornly refusing to conform to DST and is not functioning well whatsoever, also, in no shape or form is it 7.41pm at the moment!

Anyways, onto the post. Considering that I am not going to a festival this year or a holiday abroad (bleurgh), I thought I will share with you some pictures from DOWNLOAD which I went to back in 2010; just because, this time two years ago, preparation for this big deal was in full swing! Moreover, as I am feeling like a chronic muppet right now, I am hoping my mood will amend itself after this blogpost as I have to say, DOWNLOAD categorically gets counted as one of my life changing moments

This picture is the result of a hefty three hour drive after suffering from sleep deprivation and paying the cost of being a nocturnal creature.

Disposable barbecues are the sh*t!


OK, this post has obviously become exceedingly picture heavy but when you have over 150 pictures, choosing can become excruciatingly difficult. I would have posted pictures of my bf proudly sporting his Led Zeppelin tee (or a LFC one on other instances), but my bf would NEVER let me post pictures of himself on here, so that is that :)

I had such an UHMAZING couple of days, I cannot even comprehend how to explain it in words, as there are simply no articulate methods built that will ever be able to fully justify my sentiments. Though, on the last day, the heavens opened on us, mother nature decided to come knocking on my door with a vengeance and we found ourselves escaping early, ending up in Solihull to catch some lunch/dinner after some severe starvation! Haha, the joys of a festival.

Festival fashion is another one of my favourite things to research/indulge in/talk about. So, although I am not one of the fortunate ones to go to a festival this year, I cannot fathom any harm in planning ahead. Having said that, my biggest 'festival want' for whenever I am lucky enough to go to a festival again are these Hunter original gloss Wellington navy boots.

As a jewellery queen, I did take a good amount of jewellery with me to DOWNLOAD. My bf, bless him, was worried sick that I might lose some of my valuable treasures, but I treat my jewellery like babies (not literally, but you know what I mean) so thankfully all my jewellery came back in one piece! No festival outfit, or any outfit for that matter, in my eyes is complete without jewellery. The following are all the jewellery pieces that I am drooling over day in and day out. I have to say, I think all the jewellery below is very festival apt so knowing me I am most likely to take all these pieces to a festival with me and wear them to my hearts content :)

The Vamoose wavy gold plated brass earrings.

Today was a lovely sunny day! I mostly spent it outside in my garden slouching on my hammock (which I helped build), reading the interpretation of murder (awesome book by the way!) whilst drinking lots and lots of Tropicana. Summertime lovin

What are your plan for the rest of the week? I need ideas, cannot DIY everyday! xxxxxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I have tons of jewellery. I like to wear a lot of it.

Today's main focal point was the extensive amount of lovely things that I received in the post. Even my poor postman had a tough time carrying all my parcels to my door, which he then like a muppet managed to drop onto the ground before handing them over to me. Amongst them all, the parcel that had me most smiling was my H&M one, solely because I had ordered my stuff around three weeks ago and over the last couple of days I had actually lost all hope of ever seeing my stuff in person. As much as I love H&M, they really need to work on getting items delivered sooner, three weeks is contemptible!!! Also, the irony of today being the first day of spring and my Essie navigate her nail polish arriving was a comical one, and straight after writing this post I am zooming off to paint my nails with it whilst catching up on all my missed Geordie Shore episodes! WHYAYE!

I must have been living under a big rock for the last while as I cannot fathom how Ginger Pickle missed my eyes. Me being me, I made a huge mental list of all the things that I wanted to possess, the first one being the I heart moustaches printed moleskin which can be seen above in all its glory. But as a chronic jewellery and stationery queen, I also want this, this, this, this and this. There is no stopping me except money :(

The shard of the sky necklace for which I cancelled an eBay transaction for in a bid to arrange for some quick money has legitimately made it to my jewellery box. I have to give it to Lizzie from La Chic Unique, the customer service, the jewellery, the packaging, the business card, her handwriting, all so amazing <3

Please excuse the picture quality, my bf took a picture of this using his iPod Touch which does have a shitty camera. This is the card that I made my bf for Valentine's Day this year (awww). When I was younger, I never bought cards, I always handmade them from scratch Art Attack style. I was a big card maker until Uni came into my life, but hey, Uni is over now, woop! So, I got out my art and crafts box and got making. I personally think the inside is much nicer, but I cannot show you guys that unfortunately, because its tooo personal and soppy lol, plus Mr. DJ would cringe!

Finally, meet Laonato, my new Etsy mania......


All this marvellous jewellery and no money is giving me arrhythmia, I am off to feel sorry myself and binge on some more caffeine. Being a lightweight, I will probably end up staying up all night again tonight like last night (I never learn). Mania = Arrhythmia = Insomnia = story of my life.

Anymore nocturnal creatures?

Right, got to go, bye xxx

Monday, 19 March 2012

DIY - friendship bracelets and HoF.

The one good thing that definitely comes from being unemployed is the ridiculous amount of free time one is entitled too. For me, this has certainly been the enabler of self indulgence once again

As a artistic/creative entity and passionate DIY-er, I have been busy (again) making a couple of things during the last couple of months including friendship bracelets like the one above. However, I stupidly forgot to take pictures of the rest of all my works! I have a not so great point and shoot camera at the moment which does not get along with the dark and starts absurdly behaving like a retard after 4pm, so, basically, no photo taking after 4pm which is bleurgh :II I have started saving up for my dream camera though, so fingers crossed very soon I will be able to take superlative pictures around the clock.

When I was at primary school (in the good ol' 90s), friendship band making was a BIG fad. We all will hand make some and we all will wear some. Aside from being a token of good-will, they also made cheap, creative and colourful fashion accessories; plus, you were not made to take them off during PE! I had some left over pieces of yarn from forever ago and after alot of practise, failed attempts and a few blips I finally managed to make my first friendship band in years. It came out OK I think, although I am very rusty and at one point wanted to break down and cry terribly as I was not achieving the desired look lol. Since this one, I stocked up on some more yarn from eBay and have made a couple more which I will get round to photographing at some point during daylight hours very soon. Once I have brushed up on my skills completely, I would like to give one away to each one of my followers just to say thank you (free obviously).

The one that I have been seriously contemplating tackling in particular is the yin yang one in the image below. I really want to give this a try even though I know that mine may not come out half as nice but I reckon this will look really cool on the wrist.


I was browsing the internet earlier for some more brass punk/rock jewellery when I found myself returning to the Regal Rose website as their jewellery repeatedly satisfies all my needs. I have an unarguable penchant for brass jewellery and all things spikes/studs in general, hence making these by Regal Rose an instant winner for me. Already an owner of the antique silver tone raven skull ring, I am pining to add these A1 vintage brass large metal studded earrings to my jewellery collection. A convoluted take on a simple design, these are sure to make a loud statement.

I am off to spend the rest of the day having a BIG catchup session of New Girl on 4oD!
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