Thursday, 8 September 2011

Graduation outfit to be......

Ello all,

Alas I graduate... this November (arrhythmia) Blimey, that means I am now a Biomedical Scientist, a reality which is pretty damn crazy. The last three years of my life have been stalked by Uni which has been an uh-mazing experience and it does pain me to say that Uni is now officially over :’( ...and it has rendered me penniless (j/k). But hey ho, I can now look forward to moving ahead on the career ladder and delve into future studying undertakings (postgrad/masters, PhD, a second degree and all that malarkey). However, ontop of it all I get the pleasure of planning my graduation outfit, shoes, jewellery, accessories, makeup and all the other jazz to doll me up for the much awaited occasion.

Obviously, the above doesn’t do my bank account any favours, oops! Though having said that, for the last four months I have saved every pound, every silver and every copper to fund for my special outfit and have raped every website, every shop and every store in the whole bloody process. So, here is the thing, I know I cannot walk into the Graduation hall dressed in all things Dior from head to toe as much as I would blooming like too, but I don’t think that my unrealistic dream has stopped me from finding what I believe to be good finds amongst alot of the rubble. Considering I am graduating in November i.e. when Autumn will be in full swing, I think I have sussed out my Graduation outfit quite well in my head and have chosen clothing items reasonably smart/stylish/sophisticated whilst not negotiating on their, if any, ‘casual’ and ‘winter-friendly’ qualities. Casual but sophisticated is definitely the way :)

I have decided against choosing the now more conventional Graduation trio: dress, tights and heels and instead have opted for a simple, plain, no gimmick sheer/chiffon shirt/blouse and skinny trousers/chinos combo, paired with nude mid-length heels. The mids will fingers crossed prevent me from having an embarrassing moment on the catwalk of prestige!

These are the clothing items currently on my ‘Graduation outfit shopping list’, waiting to be tried on, tested, accepted or rejected... tra la la.

Clockwise from Top Left:
Cherry red tiered Peter Pan collar blouse - Topshop
Ruffle front blouse in blue - Topshop
Pleat collar tie neck blouse in aubergine - New Look
Chiffon cape blouse in chocolate brown - New Look
Long sleeved chiffon shirt with gold buttons in burgundy - Topshop
Waterfall sheer blouse in dark green - New Look
Cowl bow blouse in orange/coral - Warehouse

Clockwise from Top Left:
Chino trousers in black - Topshop
Ponte trousers in black - Warehouse
Coated skinny trousers in black - Topshop
Belted cigarette trousers in biscuit (stone) - New Look
Belted cigarette trousers in mink (brown) - New Look

KG Anita patent round toe buckle courts classic shoes in nude - Kurt Geiger

With respect to my Graduation jewellery accessories, makeup and my neverending battle to find the wonder product that will successfully control shine on my forehead for one of the biggest days of my life (the greasy bag of chips look is never a good one), I will get into all of those areas in a different blogpost along the same lines, plus ideally I want to write about them when I have made up my mind on those, because at the moment I am a very unclear confused loon :P Oh, I love jewellery (alot) and so Graduation jewellery-to-be will be put into words in a blogpost of its own, watch out for another ‘House of Flies’ blogpost soon!

To all those who have already graduated or are yet to graduate, let me know your thoughts. What did you wear/are going to wear to your Graduation ceremony?

P.S. During the last couple of weeks I have heard/read/seen lots and lots of people use the word 'lovey' everywhere. The amount of people that say 'lovey' now is ridiculous. Lovey is MY word, stop jacking my word!!!!!! ;D Ok, enough, I no longer have anything productive to say, do, or listen to...... bye bye.



Vintage Makeup said...

Haha I will never use the word "lovely" again! :) Love all of the clothes.

Mim said...

Haha, your allowed to, I'll make an exception :)

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