Friday, 8 April 2011

Dissertation update and House of flies: Lapis is my new best friend.

I have finished my Dissertation!!!!!! Yes, I have finally done it, after a string of all nighters and limitless cups of tea and coffee the infamous nightmare dissertation is over. I can now have my life back, even if it is for a couple of hours before I have to start the super intense revision for my 3rd year exams which have sworn to take over my days and nights for the next month or so :(

Anyways, here is my baby an hour before submission :)

I survived through most of the day my dissertation was due on just two and a half hours of sleep! I went to bed at 6.30 in the morning after finishing every little thing/detail relating to my project, coversheet, declaration, acknowledgements and all, got back up at 9.30am, changed out of my beloved polka dot PJ's and made my way to Uni without any breakfast (oops, not that I have breakfast), WILD times! Therefore, I promised to treat myself after submitting the disso :) So, on my way home from Uni yesterday I dropped by my local Topshop, but considering my coin purse was almost empty after spending way too much money getting my dissertation printed and bonded I chose to only spend a few quid.

Well, meet my new best friend!

A Lapis semi-precious stone encased in a bronze look ring by Freedom at Topshop.

I love semi-precious stones as most of those who know me will already know, but strangely I have absolutely nothing in my possession that has a Lapis stone. How I managed all this time to look past such a distinctive and completely stunning semi-precious stone is beyond me. At only £5.00 it was a steal and currently now one of my favourite rings. The powerful blue colour looks awesome with a simple plain tee and stonewashed jeans.

I remember from my G.C.S.E days that Lapis (full name Lapis lazulli) is a rare rock whose major component was a mineral known as lazurite ;)

Other semi-precious and soon-to-be-best-friend-rings by Freedom at Topshop:

Blue semi-precious stone encased in a gold look ring.

Frosted light pastel green acrylic stone and rhinestones antique decorated gold look ring.

Jade semi-precious stone and rhinestones antique gold look shield ring.

For the second time today, I'm going to sit down with my copy of the new ELLE magazine and a well deserved cup of tea. Bye bye!

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Nicola said...

Many congratulations. :) There's nothing like that post-dissertation feeling. For me, it was like slamming the door behind a pack of obnoxious relatives who had outstayed their welcome and then beginning the obligatory dancing around and whooping. Then it was the dazed kind of realisation: "I've done it. It's finished. It's over."

Towards the end, I wouldn't have cared if the dissertation binding had been done in yesterday's fish and chips paper. I look back on it with a lot more fondness now. :)

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