Tuesday, 29 March 2011

House of flies: Tea party with Ollie & Nic.

So, amidst all the writing I have been doing in the last couple of days for my final year project, I have finally managed to spare a couple of minutes and make time to write a new blogpost. I am at the tailend of my dissertation which feels wonderful as it has literally been the dissertation from hell, just kidding, to be honest with you it has not been monstrous, what is has been however is pure longageness. But fingers crossed I should be able to finish it in full, abstract, references, coversheet and all by Monday the latest. Speaking of Uni work and my third year project, my final year at Uni is just about to draw to a close and it is unbelievable how quickly it has zoomed past. Without doubt I won't be missing the long demanding lectures (and some of the freak lecturers and the overly warm/cold lecture theatres plus the I-mean-business labs), the intense no-sleep-allowed revision, the killer exams, the chock-full timetables, the all nighters (not a problem all the time for a night creature), the infamous lengthy essays, not forgetting the dreaded vivas and just the extreme non-stop hardwork ontop of the hours of endless worrying, but I have to say I will most definitely MISS Uni BIGTIME! I miss my first year, my second year and my third year too, aswell as the nostalgic 808 First Capital Connect train journeys :'(

Ok, time to talk about my favourite topic on this blog: JEWELLERY. I recently dug out a necklace made by Ollie & Nic that I bought sometime at the end of last year before my trip to Bath. From time to time I fall in love with Kitsch and vintage inspired jewellery with a passion so this necklace was right up my street!

Ceylon Teacup necklace with a 44cm gold plated chain.

A cute mini teacup charm on a short necklace chain. I have seen many teacup/saucer necklaces all over the web, but what is attractive about this one in particular is the pale pink background and the meticulous floral pattern decorating the teacup. The necklace came beautifully packaged inside a Ollie & Nic drawstring pouch. Visit Ollie & Nic's official website for more exquisite jewellery and other goodies with the added bonus of a pleasant customer service.

I had a shopping list from the last two years which was building up considerably. So, I went for a MAHOOSIVE shop before continuing with my saving mission again (ledge!).

To finish, this is my song of the month for the month of March:


Alex said...

So jealous of all the MAC products you picked up <3 And I'm not even kidding, I live in my Batman tee when I'm at home, so I LOVE that theres someone else who has one, ahaha :)

Mim said...

Haha, I had been looking for a decent Batman tee for ages!!! I used to have a similar Superman one, but I'll pick Batman over Superman anyday lol. That was actually half of the MAC stuff I had ordered, but I was too eager to photograph it before the rest arrived ;)

Demi said...

Good luck with your dissertation! i'm yet to start mine...pretty bad seeing as it's due in about 3 weeks oops! x

Mim said...

I finished and handed mine in yesterday after doing a series of all nighters! So glad its out the way, just got 3rd year exams to worry about now :( Good luck with your dissertation too! xxx

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