Thursday, 17 March 2011

House of flies: I love brass by Mirabelle.

This is a sneaky short blogpost which was definitely not part of my To Do List for today (I love making lists), but as I have abandoned the jewellery blogging world for what seems like an eternity I thought that I must do a short one before being lost once again in the chamber finishing up the Introduction for the write up of my final year project :( Thats my life at the moment, Uni, Uni work, food, music, sleep, Uni, Uni work, food, music, sleep......

Anyways, like I said this is gona be a short one therefore NO blabbing allowed!

I love antique looking brass jewellery as I find that brass can look quite contemporary without compromising on its vintage feel, so the last time I was shopping on ASOS for some jewellery, predominately for brass or brass plated earrings, which was ages ago, I came across these antique look disk fish hook earrings by Mirabelle.

I like these, like these alot actually but essentially for two reasons. The first one being the fact that they are made out of 100% brass and the second that although at first peek they probably look very plain and simple, its only on closer acquaintance that you get to appreciate the detailed texture on the brass circular disks and go on to comprehending how understated they really are. With summer knocking on the door, I think these are perfect for any woman's summer wardrobe. Wear them to the beach, a barbecue, during the day or in the evening, there is no
hit and miss with these brass favourites.

P.S. (Thrown in for good measure) this week I have been listening to this! On repeat!
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