Wednesday, 2 March 2011

House of flies: Gold tone bow sparkling crystal stud earrings.

Dammit, I have abandoned my blog for a tad too long now and I have to say I have actually missed writing about jewellery, some of my old and latest finds aswell as about my own jewellery straight from my jewellery box. As promised on twitter, I will be doing a long blogpost on some of my animal jewellery very soon as I'm bored of being forced to stick to doing short 5 minute blogposts lately thanks to a whole pile of Uni work. Aswell as gathering and organising some of my jewellery and snapping new content for the blog, I am also thinking of starting a new feature for MITW. I don't know what it will be on, who it will be for and what the name will be either, just an idea at the moment really.

Incase you haven't still spotted it, check out the sister blogspot here:

Alright, back to basics now. Today I've decided to pick something out of my own jewellery box again as don't want to make this blogpost overly long as it already has become a little lengthy all down to my earlier blabbing above. Oops.
I had to snap these gold tone bow sparkling crystal stud earrings instantly when a close friend of mine walked into the lecture room on a Monday morning at Uni wearing these vastly sparkling chic bow stud earrings. Despite the fact that these bow stud earrings have a strong subtle streak, I haven't worn them to Uni yet, although I can be quite daring with what I wear, be it clothes, shoes or jewellery, I think they'll look better on during the evening than in the day as they catch the light very well giving off an almost three dimensional shimmer. All in all I was very happy with my buy (thanks to some stuff I managed to sell on eBay!) and am waiting on the perfect opportunity to wear them. I like bows, and these are bows!!!!!!

By the way, my new month's (March onwards) resolution is: No more diet coke/fizzy drinks (big cutback).


Emily said...

I LOVE those earrings! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog - always makes me so happy! I had earrings similar to those, then they broke because silly me, I put them in my wallet! So cute!
xo Emily

Mim said...

Thanks for your comment. I accidently stumbled across your blog and I have to say its really good, keep it up! The photos do not do these earrings much justice, the earrings are much more glamorous in real life, I haven't had the chance to wear them out yet but can't wait to. Sorry to hear about your pair breaking, more reasons to buy a new pair! Mim x

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