Saturday, 15 January 2011

House of flies: The camera with a coral flash.

I have to say I have always been very much impressed with jewellery from Topshop but lately I have found myself shopping there for such items more than usual. So when I came across this lovely piece on their website I found myself smiling once again.
An adjustable coral leather camera ring by Freedom at Topshop (RRP £10.00).

I like anything that makes a statement in one way or another, and this ring is a perfect example of bringing that out in anybody, even those who decide to refrain from such things. A perfect piece for both camera and non camera lovers. The coral leather, vintage look and diamanté detail makes the ring suitable for both daywear and nightwear. Use it to accompany an already cheerful Spring/Summer or as an object of brightness in Autumn/Winter. Multifunctionality surely makes this ring one of a kind to never go out of season.

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