Thursday, 15 March 2012

Never. Lose. Hope.

I have to say, hands up, I have been preposterously out of the loop with Blogger lately. Most of the times, I will just log in, make sure everything is fine and vroom, log straight back out. I’ll put up some sort of material on days when I am feeling it but to be honest with you, the majority of the times I barely reach the end of the road. I know reading/commenting on no other blogs, not even those that belong to my wonderful blogging friends is pretty shit of me too. But trust me when I do say so myself, none of above is done out of the ‘I JUST CANNOT BE F*CKED ANYMORE’ syndrome.

I am a constant round of ups and downs at the moment and if you know me in real life (not that this is not real) you would have probably already deduced why. I have been jobless for the last three and a half months! YESSS! Tis true :'(

Since graduating last year November with one of the top five degree marks in the year, I have been hoping for a much coveted job in my chosen career to come my way, but in simple terms, that has lucidly not happened (yet). I have typed endless of job applications, called up a whole spreadsheet full of ‘potential’ employers and have continuously altered my CV, my covering letter, my long ass essay on my life history and why I deem myself apt for the role, blah blah blah (nothing new here). Three months may not seem like a long enough time to some but I have a recurrent penchant for hardwork! Not working when I should be working and doing my portfolio at the same time so I can become a registered scientist whilst concurrently saving up for my postgraduate master’s degree is painfully getting under skin! So much so, that I am hanging loosely between the branches of sanity and insanity.

To top it all off, I don't have the perks of getting a manly hug/cuddle whenever I am in need of one the most. Quite crap, especially when you are constantly consumed by cabin fever as your bf doesn't live close, your family have their ongoing, undisturbed routine, all your friends either live too far, are in full fledged employment, engaged/planning a wedding/married, gone travelling or still studying for their finals at University. My bf and I live 104 miles away from each other, so let alone a hug, even meeting up everyday, every other day, once a week, once every two weeks is most of the times unobtainable. Besides, tickets to go down and see him every now and again (or for him to come up and see me) burns big holes in our pockets. I thought public transport was supposed to be working man and woman friendly?! Pfft. Not turning this post into a guide for those in long distance relationships or anything, though I might (I reiterate, might) think about giving one a shot if asked, I speak to my bf every single day and since I am no longer enduring a hectic final year at University, we are planning on having a good summer this year, so I guess its not doomsday after all and there are some exciting things still happening in my life :)


So, unfortunately, all this unemployed palava has taken its toll on my blogger and social spirit. I am not wholly feeling very inspired or passionate about Blogger as a whole at the moment, plus being jobless = being moneyless :( I have 200+ blogposts to catch up on collectively on all blogging mediums - GFC, Bloglovin, Hellocotton - considering what an avid reader I once used to be, that is a BIG integer. Though, I am looking forward to having a massive reading sesh once I feel better about myself and my unemployed status :)

The picture that I have painted of my current lifestyle is obviously not the most attractive one to say the least, but aside from the reality that I have lost my blogger and social spirit, there is an element that keeps my mental balance tipping more to the sanity side as opposed to its ugly antagonist...... and that element is my MANY hobbies. Not being at University anymore and being jobless means that I can spend hours, days, even weeks (when I am not feeling miserable) self indulging. Apart from the things on my 'High Priority List', (driving lessons, join the gym, enrol in local yoga club, continue volunteering, become first-aid qualified and volunteer for St John Ambulance, bungee jump for charity, learn a new dedicated hobby, save up for the Mulberry Taylor oversized satchel bag etc etc etc), I have all the time in the world to do all the things which were once a fundamental part of my daily routine... (again, when I am not feeling miserable lol). Having now said that, that is probably my top advice to all those currently unemployed out there. Being jobless when you are desperately itching to be working can leave you feeling miserable, melancholy and fill you with the thought of being the only one in the boat. I definitely feel like that some (all) times, but now is the best time to take advantage of your free time before you become busy.

Fingers crossed I will feel the same way about Blogger again very soon and get myself back in the loop!


P.S. No point mourning over a job reject anymore, who wants to work for a tool who did not want to employ you in the first place ;)

Anybody else unemployed? Anymore tried and tested methods in which to cope with unemployment?

Gona shutup now and go watch the rest of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Over and out.



Vintage Makeup said...

We all need a break sometimes hun! Just take some time off for yourself :)

Mim said...

Ta lovey :) much love xxx

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