Friday, 9 March 2012

Pastels nails with a touch of Zooey Deschanel.

Basecoat: OPI original nail envy nail strengthener.
Avon luxe lavender nail polish.
Barry M peach melba nail paint.
Barry M strawberry ice cream nail paint.
Black Sharpie.
Topcoat: Collection 2000 sparkle topcoat.


Zara Taylor love heart angel wing antiqued brass ring.
Snake fingertip antique silver nail ring.

I have to say, I have been using the OPI original nail envy nail strengthener for about five days now and my nails are already in so much better condition. FINALLY, magic is happening and I have found something that is actually doing some good for my nails. I did like using my Sally Hansen diamond strength instant nail hardener too, but the effects were very interim and so my nails would instantaneously go back to being poo as soon as I would stop using it. But it is good as a quick fix on days/weeks when you are not using any kind of nail treatment but have chipped, brittle and flaky nails that need saving (story of my life), I would most likely take the Sally Hansen stuff with me if say I am going travelling or staying round friends for weekends etc.

I cannot seem to get enough of the pastels trend, and I have been wearing all of my pastel nail lacquers in rotation for the last while, but as I have been willingly going overboard with the pastels, I decided to wear three shades all at the same time today. I fancy all the pastels in the Barry M nail paint range and I would love to include each and every one of them in my collection...... someday.

Ever since I saw the tuxedo nail art that dressed Zooey Deschannel's nails at the Golden Globes, I have been itching to recreate it. Here it is in all its glory on my ring finger :)

The below is a clearer and improved quality snap of one of the rings that I am wearing in the last photo above. This cute Zara Taylor love heart angel wing antiqued brass ring is my current favourite finger candy and I had to explicitly share it with you guys as I love it SO much

P.S. I really want this done on my nails! Though I do believe these are nail wraps, but I still cannot for the life of me find them anywhere... I have searched the whole of the internet... bleurgh :(

Please do let me know if any of you guys come across these on the web :)

Mim xo

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