Monday, 5 March 2012

Mini haulage, life and HoF.

I finally bought the Travalo perfume atomiser in bold gold last weekend :) and after much puzzlement as to what to fill it up with I ultimately settled on filling my Travalo with Jimmy Choo EDP. But, having said that, I have decided to buy another one for my Marc Jacobs Daisy EDP. I will almost certainly get it in either simply red or perfect pink this time round as I don't think they make one in blue? I could be wrong but I didn't see a blue one on the CheapSmells website whatsoever :(

My BuyaPowa stuff arrived by the end of last week too. I am very happy with all my co-buy purchases :) this was my first time of co-buying anything on BuyaPowa actually, and I have to say this s**t is off the hook... it has saved me sooo many pennies! I have in fact now made a list of all the things that I want to get whenever they go live on the site. I am a muppet for not paying it much notice before as it means I must have passed up so many crazy deals :( anyhow as a stingy person, BuyaPowa has aided in obliterating the need to pay full price for everything.

♥ Loving all my new jewellery that arrived last week too ♥

Talking of jewellery, my Me & Zena *love-o-meter* heart spinner necklace in silver that I featured in my Trends - Neons blogpost here arrived aswell. This necklace has everything I adore...... is by Me & Zena, has delicious rainbows enamels and is slickly quirky. I cannot wait to pair this with a plain tee/blouse.

More nail polishes??????

Accessorize heartbeat nail lacquer.
Models Own Beetlejuice emerald black nail lacquer.

Come Wednesday (Leap Day) I met up with my bf in town as we planned on spending the rest of the day together and go for some munchies. We drove off to Nandos, one of our favourite places to eat!

Om nom nom.

I have never really been a hardcore Nandos muncher, and its only been in recent months that me and my bf have started making visits to the Portuguese hut far too often. We have never enjoyed overboarding on peri peri more so until now! Obviously, we have morphed into Nando wh*res, though, I have to say, it does no long term benefits to our frames but hey ho :D

It has also kind of become our own self built tradition, that everytime my bf comes up to see me (as opposed to me going down to see him), we will eat at Nandos until the day we both simultaneously reach the finish line of our loyalty cards and indulge in a mega feast entailing two free whole chickens, woop woop!

The following day when the sun was blooming beautiful, I landed in jewellery heaven with my Ma, where my family jeweller offered me what is in my eyes probably one of the best coffee that you could ever get out of a vending machine. I was besotted with all the jewellery my eyes witnessed that day and I managed to bring a pair of genuine sapphire with cubic zirconia cluster stud earrings back home with me :) later that afternoon, we went into a tiny, independent restaurant where I had even more chicken to eat, ta Mum :D


House of flies:

I have FINALLY started saving up for both the Alex Monroe silver hummingbird necklace and the Alexis Dove sterling silver bunny necklace. I have wanted them both for absolutely ages and I am definitely not sure which one to buy first though as I fancy them both equally. Both necklaces are simple pieces of fine jewellery and can feasibly be worn with all outfits. Lets hope my Arsenal money box gets filled up with sterlings very soon! To be a gooner :)

P.S. I am now in the 10 million club on Temple Run! I got 10, 219, 275 points while escaping from demon monkeys, ha! Think I'm gona find a new game to play now lol :)

Also, I really want to see Belami, anybody else?

Mim xo

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