Saturday, 10 March 2012

Together we can rule the galaxy.

Not quite sure where today has gone to be honest, I feel like as if I have hardly done anything apart from indulge in an extended sofa date and its bloody 7pm already! No wonder my poor to do list has just got bigger and bigger in the last while, need to pull my socks up and get my skates on :/

I was actually supposed to hit the city today to return this lovely Aztec-esque monochrome dress that was a last minute buy on my previous visit to Primark, but instead I'm having a reading day, nursing what mother nature has brought on and have gone underground from the manic Saturday shoppers...... no thank you to that! About the dress, although its very pretty, is FAR too figure hugging for my penchant. I actually bought it in my regular size 8 (I can wear anything from 6-10), but by judging how tight it is, even a size 14 would not fit me without adhering to me like a second skin. So yeah, I'll probably return it first thing Monday now as I don't want it to stifle me even further.

My new favourite white zebra heart print top from River Island, and only a tenner, total steal. Also, I am back in the wrap of everything kitsch and kawaii and my current choice of earrings are these funky caramel swiss rolls which have helped in cheering me up throughout the job application process. These Kalista black leather ankle boots by Hush Puppies which I love for all the obvious reasons will probably get their first outing next week if I am lucky enough to destroy another peri peri with my bf (pretty please).

I have been busy filling my bed up with a whole array of cushions including this pink heart one with gingham ruffles which was a present a couple of Birthdays ago. I like the little slot running down vertically which houses a diary, great for recording 'one line a days' before bedtime. Room by Emma Donoghue is my reading material at the moment and since I am an ardent bookworm I might even start doing some kind of book review series on my blog whenever I get my head into gear. Nothing better than a good read joined with some silent music :)

Yesterday, my Waldo Pancake A4 blank inside notebook which I bought from eBay arrived and the package was a big surprise as I was wanting an A4 but received an A5, but as a Waldo Pancake buff, the notebook is still a favourite nonetheless. On the same bone of contention of stationery, I just cannot help but be greedy and attack almost everything in Paperchase. After ages of irresistible episodes I managed to narrowed the items down to a few choices.

Tonight I'm settling down for a movie with my bf and some nachos with sour cream and chive dip, all while snuggling under my fleece blanket. Hope everybody is having a good weekend!

Mim xo

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