Thursday, 8 March 2012

What vintage are you?

What vintage are you?

Fossil Maddox black leather purse.

You may (may not) remember this very purse from my last Wednesday Wishlist blogpost here. The volume of card space that there is inside this purse is ludicrous!!! Good one for me, as I have a mammoth stash of cards that I need to tote around with me pretty much every single time I head out (unless I am just quickly popping out to Tesco or somin, then my tiny Paul's Boutique coin purse suffices).

I really love this purse and I can see all my cards, tower of receipts and other rubbish fitting into this perfectly! The simple silver hardware on the black leather is gorgeous. Also, I have to say, I love the detailing on the fabric inside the purse, adds character in my opinion

Another reason why I bought this elegant Fossil number was because I am very literally bored of my current Coach wallet at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I do love my Coach wallet and I was over the moon when I bought it last year at a outrageous discounted price, but it is a teeny weeny bit on the large side which does mean that it does have the propensity to hog most of the space in my handbag. So, it is definitely not the best choice on days when your only carrying a small hangbag!

Much love xo
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