Saturday, 17 March 2012

St Patrick's Day nails, jewellery and HoF.

Stainless steel band ring bought from a stall.
Vintage onyx silver oval ring bought from a stall.

Clearly not my best ever shot at nail art but drinking far too many cups of tea, coffee, double chocolate mochas and ovaltine (love that stuff by the way) leads to one ridiculously shaky hand. But regardless, I was adamant on putting something together for the occasion (St Patrick's Day incase you were wondering). I have to say, I have no idea as to what that is on my middle finger lol. It started off as a four leaf clover but obviously ended up looking nothing like it except for a big black mess that has an uncanny resemblance to a windmill. Hopefully, I will be able to do a much much much better job at it next time when my engine is not excessively running on caffeine. My personal favourite out the lot has got to be my thumb, which you can't even see properly!!! Grrrrrr. I think I will reproduce that one design on all my fingernails in the near future :)

A quick introduction to my latest kitsch offering too, this disco statement necklace by Very Beryl which arrived at the beginning of the week. I am saving this until the next time I am out disco-ing in my disco shoes/pants/etc! I love both the presentation box and the dust bag that the necklace came in too. Apart from that, I have a fanatical penchant for these blue polka dot heart earrings quite badly now aswell! P.S. Cheryl, the designer behind Very Beryl, is such a sweetheart, you should totes follow her on Twitter if you do not do so already :)


I am dribbling (quite literally) over this utterly GORGEOUS piece from La Chic Unique (via Ginger Pickle) which is part of her Au Natural Collection. The collection takes naturally forming products such as crystals, fresh water pearls and shells and turns them into bespoke pieces of rare jewellery. I think we have well established by now that I am a fervent SUCKER for gemstones (precious, semi precious, druzy) so this collection was like a instant drug to me. This shard of the sky necklace caught my eye more so out of the rest of the collection solely because its blue, blue is my favourite colour the blue oblong stone has natural veins of white and black tones running through it which I have to say makes the entire necklace ten times more beautiful. As I will definitely be purchasing this, I was also thinking of commissioning La Chic Unique to make me matching earrings to go with the necklace, maybe a matching ring too? I have never really been one for the whole matchy matchy saga until recent times :O but, sincerely, I love this necklace SOOO much that I would not mind my very own semi precious matching necklace, earrings and ring jewellery set

My family cannot handle my jewellery obsession and they all call me a walking, talking advert for jewellery, I am not complaining, I am a self confessed jewellery wh*re anyways, HA!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you would have already heard for the umpteenth time about my project DIY shorts which commenced today. I bought these really cheap pyramid studs on eBay for which I already have a full list worth of uses lined up for. Oh, I will be doing a blogpost very soon on my DIY shorts aswell as my MANY other DIY projects :)

P.S. I have wanted to read this book forever ago, got it for a quid at my local charity shop in immaculate condition! Thrifting shopping joys ♥ off to read it now.

Mim xo


Vintage Makeup said...

The mani is too cute! Love your ring :)

Mim said...

I love that ring too! Should wear it more often <3 x

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