Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Giles EEK nails and HoF: Yellow gold bow ring by Imogen Belfield.

Basecoat: Sally Hansen diamond strength instant nail hardener.
OPI banana bandana nail polish.
Barry M mushroom nail polish.
Orly au champagne nail polish.
Black Sharpie.
Topcoat: Barry M 3 in 1 nail paint.

I have taken inspiration from the Giles EEK nails video tutorial by Sophy Robson many times before to create similar nails, but yesterday I decided to add a contrasting, bright yellow shade just to branch out from my Trends - Neons post that I wrote yesterday. As much as it is a colour I don't naturally fancy wearing, I actually quiet like the yellow as one of the two alternating colours on this instance; though ofcourse my Ma does have a contrary opinion. However, I am still not prepared to go to the full length of painting all of my nails yellow just yet.

Inspite of owning an extensive collection of nail lacquers/nail wraps/nail art material, I still cannot get enough of them. Right now I have my eyes set on the beauty which made it to Lisa Eldridge's top favourite nail colours.

Jade is the new black nail polish by OPI (released as part of the Hong Kong collection).

I am totally not into wearing black nails whatsoever, but according to OPI, jade is the new black so......

House of flies:

Yellow gold bow ring by Imogen Belfield (RRP £72.00).

Smothered in a generous plating of gold, this bow tie ring has been on my wishlist for yonks. Aswell as an everyday ring, I reckon it would also make a delightful engagement/promise ring as it is timeless, contemporary, unique and dramatic all at the same time. This ring is an epitome of how beautifully angles can be used to offer dimension to a piece of gracious jewellery.

Roll on payday! Not that I am implying in anyway possible that I have finally found a much coveted job lol, but you get my drift.

Hope everybody had a lovely Valentine's Day! I am going to eat another one of these delicious cupcakes, watch episode 6 of The Royal Bodyguard, read more Jane Eyre and then try and crash out :)

Mim xo


The White List said...

Absolutely brilliant!!!! Great post & nice blog! Have a great week.


Mim said...

Ta for your lovely comment :)

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