Monday, 6 February 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff (SS12) for Topshop.

As an obsessive kitsch addict my eyes could not miss Meadham Kirchhoff's girl-friendly SS12 collection which erupted on London Fashion Week. The collection is like a piece of exquisite cake to us kitsch lover's tea party.

The bold use of retro cartoon eyes, the flamboyant bubblegum/neon colouring and over the top use of ruffles, sculpturing and fluffy textures with the wacky doll-like hairstyles brings back to life all my 1990s dolls.

Obviously the collection excites me greatly, but as accessories are also a very big thing for me, I am super excited that Meadham Kirchhoff have teamed up with Nail Rock and are on their way of launching a Topshop exclusive collection of nail wraps, with their SS12 collection taken as solid inspiration! Excitement is an understatement :)

I have used nail wraps by Nail Rock in the past and I personally love em. For me, they are a stylish alternative to nail polish and are nail savers on days when my nails chip and flake like a biatch :(

I must get my hands on this steal even if it means dragging the bf around with me to all the Topshops around the country! I love kitsch and have spoken about it umpteenth times on my blog, it will be a shame to miss out on these.

I would like to see Meadham Kirchhoff design some jewellery for us jewellery enthusiasts, it would be interesting to see what they come up with.

On the same subject matter of Kitsch, I heart these Love Hearts earrings by Punky Pins which come in six different messages. Just right for Valentine's.

Anybody else for some kitsch?

Mim xo


Kirsty Louise said...

aww the nail wraps are adorable x

Mim said...

Thanks Kirsty :) x

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