Tuesday, 28 February 2012

London Fashion Weekend - Friday 24th February 2012 :)

Outside Somerset House, Strand.

LFWeekend large banner.

View from south wing.

The infamous River Box housing extensive majestic jewellery, a nail bar and a whole wardrobe of Essie :) we also had access to free 'unlimited' smoothies as soon as we walked in, sweet.

This is it, finally, my LFWeekend blogpost. N.B. Please do excuse the tenor of this post, I am writing this while feeling wholly off my head and I am also in need of a desperate big shot of strong black coffee...... I am ludicrously wasted!!! Sorry xxx

Firstly, I have to say, I was not intending even in the slightest, of attending LFWeekend this year whatsoever, as I was saving my dough to try and get me and my bf tickets to London Jewellery Week 2012, but hey ho, considering I did not have to fork out no extra money in getting myself in as I won a pair of LFWeekend tickets via a Twitter competition and due to a clash of affairs, Jewellery Week will be having to wait till next year anyways, I thought why not, and decided to spend all my Jewellery Week Ticket savings on this designer shopping on the cheap extravaganza. To be honest with you, I am so glad I won those tickets! I had an extremely A-W-E-S-O-M-E day

I am having a frugal couple of months so I held my horses on the spending thus I did not end up buying too much. Oh yeah, however, this did mean that I had to snub some Vivienne Westwood sunnies that were reduced from £190.00 to 75 quid...... gutted :/

Last year, I broke my 1970s style sunglasses by Accessorize in Istanbul and although I still have my aviators by Storm and some retro oversized sunglasses by Mango, I like to have atleast a couple of decent eye wear options to keep me going throughout the summer months year in year out.

These clean, edgy, 60s influenced sunnies were an instantaneous grab as soon as we walked into the Boutique by Jaeger's designated space. Luckily, at £25.00 they were well within my budget. Moreover, considering that I was on the hunt for a replacement since last year I could not bypass these (especially not after having walked away from the VW one's earlier). The lady that took my order told me how she has had exactly the same sunglasses that I picked up since last year and that they are still in A1 condition; that was a thumbs up for me, as I am outstandingly meticulous and conscientious with what I buy. I will pick quality over quantity anyday.

The odds of me coming back with no jewellery certainly does not exist and I jumped with joy straight after I caught sight of the River Box. Inside, it is a palace fit for a jewellery enthusiast and despite the lack of funds I managed to infiltrate through it until I hit upon this stunning faceted semi precious gemstone 24k yellow gold plated ring by Didi Colley (HoF blogpost soon). The ring has an uncanny resemblance to one of my favourite set of stacking rings ever but at a meagre portion of the price.

Overall, I had a lovely day and inspite of the lack of funds, it in no way at all encumbered my entire LFWeekend experience :)

I think I will have to hit the sack soon, sooo wasted ;D

Mim xo

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