Tuesday, 21 February 2012

NOTD and HoF: Its a harmonious life......

This post was scheduled to go up yesterday, but surprise surprise, Blogger fail :/ anyways, here is the post how it was meant to go up originally:

China Glaze lemon fizz nail lacquer.
925 sterling silver moonstone above the knuckle ring.
Gold multiple charms ring (my mum's).
Oversized coral statement ring.

Thought I'll quickly show you my nails/rings that I have been rocking out all day today. Normally, I don't opt for wearing such a bright in-your-face yellow on my nails (maybe except for when there is a heatwave), but after being blessed with some much needed sun rays and Vitamin D for the last while I thought why not and deemed it apt to let loose my China Glaze lemon fizz nail polish, which I bought last summer before my holiday to Turkey.

The oversized coral statement ring was one of the presents given to me by my little sister on my last Birthday and I actually really like the battle between the equally overriding yellow and coral colours, very summery in my opinion. As a major winter lover I am very surprised by how much I am actually looking forward to summer this year, I really hope the sun is here to stay :)

House of flies:

Harmony engraved vintage brass ring by Zara Taylor.

I get easily drawn to anything meaningful...... absolutely ANYTHING, from books, epigrams etc to stationery, jewellery etc. That is probably why the next ring on my brass jewellery hitlist, is this solid beauty by Zara Taylor, a designer whose vintage themed jewellery won my praises since the time I discovered her via Fearne Cotton. All I need now are the funds to afford this and then I am good to wear it all the bloody time :) this would be a majestic addition to my Zara Taylor jewellery collection which also includes the peace brass earrings that I including in my Wednesday Wishlist #2 - 28/12/2011 blogpost.

P.S. I think this is off the hook, a recreation is well underway.

YSL couture manicure.

Mim xo


xXxStundonxXx said...

I love this nail varnish and the rings, you've styled the rings so well together x

jimmi lou said...

Love the colours in this photo from the nails and jewellery, that shade of polish is really nice!

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