Sunday, 19 February 2012

V Day nail ideas and other.

Just a quick post today as I am busy getting on with a very time consuming undertaking. Something I want to get round to telling/showing you in a post entirely of its own, fingers crossed sometime next week (preferably after my rendezvous with Mr. DJ).

After my previous blogpost here, last night before crashing out I quickly put pen to paper and sketched a few Valentine's Day nail ideas. I am a big doodler so these collectively took me only a couple of minutes. I am aiming for something very simple and easy as I don't have much time to create anything spectacular as I'm having a hectic week next week.

Idea 1.

Idea 2.

I could certainly come up with more ideas...... could even create a whole portfolio if I wanted too actually, but I don't have too much time on my hands and to be honest with you I actually cannot be bothered :P If you do know of any simple, easy yet attractive Valentine's nail art, or maybe you created one yourself, please do signpost me!

Also, here is a snippet of one of my DIY lip glosses, something that I have indulged in making since I was thirteen years old :)

I would like to share more personal posts with you in the near future (as I do describe my blog a lifestyle one), but sadly nothing too exciting is happening in my life at the moment. I graduated last autumn and since then I have been desperately seeking a much coveted job. Due to lack of funds I have had to put a major stop to my once blossomed social life and spend my weeks saving up money to go and see my 104 miles away bf :( All my best/close friends are either still at Uni, in full fledged employment or are getting married :D one of my best friends from school, Kitty (my nickname for her) is tying the knot in six months time!!! Thankfully, I'm seeing her face next week!

P.S. I am in awe of this quote, said by one of my many favourite authors, as it describes the way I see things perfectly.

"To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with" - Mark Twain.

Swanage beach (2010)

Mim xo

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